Pax Journey Home

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17 November 2021

Did you enjoy the brill book Pax by Sara Pennypacker? Get set for another heart-warming tale of friendship in this exciting sequel…

In the first book, Peter and his pet fox Pax are best friends. But ever since a cruel war pulled them apart, they’ve lived very different lives. Peter has joined the Water Warriors, a group determined to heal their war-torn land, and Pax has a litter of kits he must protect in a dangerous world.

But when one of Pax’s kits falls ill, he knows there’s only one human that he can turn to. And Peter has never been able to forget his beloved pet friend. Now, both of them face long, treacherous journeys back home – and back to each other.

The prize 

One lucky winner will nab both books – Pax and Pax, Journey Home. They’ll also scoop a fox adoption kit (including a furry toy and stationery pack) from Wildlife Aid UK, which helps sick and injured foxes get better!

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