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Competition closes midnight
5 April 2017

We have five brain-boggling Rubik’s puzzles up for grabs, so pop on your thinking caps! With 43 quintillion combinations, the Rubik’s Cube is still the ultimate challenge, but see if you can crack the cool Rubik’s Spark, too. With six built-in games, it features flashing LED lights that are activated by tilting and turning the groovy cube. It even lets you make your own music. Awesome!

Then, try to beat the Rubik’s Twist – a perplexing puzzle that lets you form thousands of different figures and shapes. Twist and turn the mind-melting Rubik’s Void until you complete the coloured circle, capturing the void. And challenge a friend with the thrilling Rubik’s Race, battling your way to victory by shifting, sliding and solving the tile template.

Six lucky readers will scoop a Rubik’s Spark, Rubik’s Twist, Rubik’s Void and Rubik’s Race plus the original Rubik’s Cube.


The prize

Six winners will each receive:

1 x Rubik’s Spark

1 x Rubik’s Twist

1 x Rubik’s Void

1 x Rubik’s Race

1 x original Rubik’s Cube

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