Win Ask an Astronaut books by Tim Peake!

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16 November 2017


Three, two, one…take off! We’re giving you the chance to win a copy of Ask an Astronaut, the new out-of-this-world book by Tim Peake!


Tim Peake book


Astronaut Tim Peake gives us his personal guide to life out in space. Following his six month stay on the International Space Station, people from all around the world sent Tim questions using #askanastronaut. And in this brilliant new book lie the fascinating answers – together with incredible illustrations, detailed diagrams and amazing photographs!

Does space smell? What’s it like to eat, sleep and go to the toilet in space? What’s it like to orbit the earth ten times faster than a speeding bullet? Tim will tell you…!

We have five copies of Ask an Astronaut up for grabs!


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