Imagine if the next time you asked your dog to go “walkies”, it answered back…

It might sound like something out of a cartoon, but thanks to a group of scientists in the USA, doggy dialogue may actually become a reality!

A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a computerised doggy vest that can help our four-legged friends better communicate with their owners – it’s a new field of science they’re calling “animal-computer interaction.”

talking dogs

The idea is that it could help assistance dogs, such as those that work with disabled or blind people, who might need to ask humans for help should something bad happen to their owner.

In emergency situations, assistance dogs are trained to alert another human to the problem, but as it stands, there’s no way for the dog to put into words that they need help.

But the new doggie vest promises to help pooches overcome this by actually allowing them to talk – well, sort of…

The vest includes a handy mechanical lever which, when pulled by the dog, plays an audio message: “My handler needs you to come with me!”

The clever new kit could prove to be life-saving for people with conditions like diabetes, who in an emergency might fall unconscious. With the new device, the doggy helper would be able to run for help and lead a person to their poorly owner very quickly. Search and rescue dogs would even be able to send the location of a missing person using internet signals.

And it isn’t just dogs! Scientists think the technology could also help animals such as cattle and horses communicate with humans when they are unwell, something that isn’t always easy for vets to figure out.

Melody Jackson, head of the FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations) team kitting dogs out with the new vests, said that when people hear the voice, “they jump back three feet, because the dog is talking!”

The vests are already being tested on dogs in the USA, so let’s hope they come to the UK soon, too!

What do you make to the new doggie device? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




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  • Someone

    Hi this is cool

  • Lili

    Just amazing! Maybe this device will be popular one day!

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    awesome sauce

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    Amazing device!!!

  • Aly ll

    Cant wait

  • IndigoRiver

    amazball i want it for my dog

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    Unbelievable !!!!!!

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    Lol!!!!!!!! I can not believe this stuff

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    Wow!!! That fantastic!

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    I like this book because of the best way for dogs to be a great pet is to teach or train them.

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  • liz98277

    awesome my dog will be able to talk back

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  • Erin

    Dogs talking that has always been my dream....I wondor what would happen if all animals could talk

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  • RumpAhTrumpDump

    This is cool I could talk it my dog instead of mean people YAY

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    Sooooooo cool Dogs and people can finally communicate!!!!!

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    Awesome I want one

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    wow sooooooo epic I want one NOW!!

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    wow i cant take in all the information lol

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    AWESOME!!! I love dogs...

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    This could save loads of lives

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    This revolutionary device will surely greatly advance the quality of our health and safety society as we know it.

  • pinky

    so this could actually come real

  • Yuck8

    Very advanced science!!!!!!

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