One of nature’s most amazing masterpieces, rainbows have become a popular symbol of hope and happiness. And with their bright, brilliant colours, they make the perfect picture to inspire joy and positivity! Follow the steps below to create a colourful rainbow to stick in your window and spread cheer into the world around you!


How to paint a rainbow

Paint a rainbow

What you’ll need

A4 piece of paper
Pencil or black felt tip pen
Colouring pencils, felt tip pens, crayons or paint
Scissors (optional)

Anything extra to make your rainbow shine! Cotton wool, dried pasta, eco-friendly glitter… The world’s your, well, rainbow!


Step 1

Paint a rainbow

With your paper landscape (lengthways), draw two fluffy clouds (about 7-8cm long) with your pencil or black felt tip pen. The clouds should should sit about 4cm from the bottom edge of the paper, and be spaced about 15cm apart. If you want, you can draw smiley faces on your clouds, too!


Step 2

Paint a rainbow

Draw a curve connecting the inner parts of the clouds (the points where the clouds are closest to each other) – this will be the lowest, smallest curve of your rainbow. Then, draw a second curve, running about 1cm above the first, and repeat until you have made the amount of stripes you want for your rainbow. We’ve gone for seven! 

*It can be tricky creating a neat curve! To make it easier, make a dot where you want the middle/highest point to be – this will help guide you as you draw!


Step 3

Paint a rainbow

Now it’s time to bring your rainbow to life! Using your colouring pencils, felt tip pens or paint, colour in the stripes of your rainbow. If you want to include all the colours of the rainbow, paint the stripes as in the picture above – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!


Step 4

Paint a rainbow

Finally, use scissors to carefully cut around the edges of your rainbow and clouds, and stick it in your window with sellotape. If you prefer, rather than cutting out your rainbow, draw around it instead, adding extra details.

You could add a heartfelt message to someone you love or a thank you to our keyworkers, who are working long and hard to keep us safe and supplied!



Draw and colour the back of your rainbow, too, so that it’s a double-sided picture. That way you can brighten up both your bedroom and the world around you. Yay!


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