We recently partnered with materials manufacturer Covestro for an incredible competition to win a £200 ethicalsuperstore.com voucher. We asked you to design your very own FUTURE CITY. It needed to be sustainable, high-tech and fun to live in!

Entrants needed to consider things like what housing, transport, play areas and entertainment will be like in 30 years’ time; what will power our cities; what materials will our homes and buildings be made from; and what kind of technology we will be using.

Our judges were absolutely blown away by the many incredible entries by here are some of their favourites:








What the Covestro judges said…

“Amy made a brave choice by using a monochromatic colour scheme, but it works very well throughout her poster. Although neon pink is the dominant colour, it avoids monotony by the use of blue pen to draw sweeping, curved lines across the space that create a sense of movement. Amy has clearly put great thought into her Future City, particularly promoting public transportation – she provides great detail, including the capacity of the solar powered bus, and the price to rent a bike.”


What the Covestro judges said…

“Bally’s poster is extremely visually striking due to their use of negative space. The drawings are extremely complex, and they clearly have great artistic ability. Bally’s ideas for the future are wide‐reaching, including innovative concepts – like a ‘hyperloop’ public transportation system made‐up of tubes. But at the same time, Bally also illustrates some more recognisable concepts, like virtual reality headsets. The range of ideas demonstrated in Bally’s poster is compelling, and concisely demonstrates the many different possibilities of a Future City.”



What the Covestro judges said…

“Sophia’s poster was a masterful balance of art and text. The written elements of the poster are concise, and yet still fully explain each element of the Future City depicted in her poster.

Her watercolour techniques are particularly impressive, as she demonstrates a sophisticated use of shading that adds depth to her illustrations. Sophia’s idea for the buildings of the future – that they utilise the CO2 absorbing nature of plants and have solar panels on the roof – perfectly encapsulates the combination of nature and science that will be required in a Future City. This theme is also carried into the art of the poster, as the two prominent images are trees and a road – two concepts that would normally be contradictory are brought together in a harmonious Future City.”

The two runners up, Amy and Bally, plus the winner, Sophia, will each scoop a £200 voucher for ethicalsuperstore.com which sells eco-friendly toys and clothes! They’ll will also get their very own Covestro lab coat and goggles. Congratulations, guys!

Want to find out more about what our cities of the future might look like? Click here!




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