Learn how to make paper beads out of old paper products instead of using plastic beads, which animals might mistake for food. Plus — they look really cool!

What you’ll need:

Colourful pages from old magazines, brochures, junk mail, or newspapers
Glue stick
Round pencil, coloured pencil, or crayon
Clear nail polish

1) Select an old magazine or other paper product and tear out a colourful page.

Page from a magazine cut into triangles

2) Cut across the page at a slight angle to make long triangular strips. (Wider strips will create wider beads.)

Rolling paper onto a pencil

3) Lay one strop on a flat surface, and align the pencil horizontally against the wider edge of the paper strip. Roll the paper completely around the pencil one time.

Using glue

4) Put a thin coat of glue on the unrolled part of the strip.

Tightly rolling paper onto the pencil

5) Tightly roll the rest of the paper strip around the pencil. Add an extra dab of glue to secure the point of the paper to the roll.

Sliding the bead off of the pencil

6) Slide the rolled paper off the pencil.

Covering the bead in nail polish

7) Once the glue is dry, paint a thin layer of clear nail polish around the bead.

Paper bead necklace

8) When the nail polish is completely dry, thread your finished beads on string to create a necklace or bracelet, or use the beads in other art projects.

Paper beads

Photo credits — Rebecca Hale, NG Staff

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