Everyone has heard of the Great White but there are hundreds of other species of sharks inhabiting the world’s oceans…

Prepare to be dazzled by Nat Geo WILD’s shark spectacular, Sharkfest!


Sharks vs Predator | Monday 21 August | 6 P.M. CAT

Nat Geo WILD Sharkfest

Get to see some rare and remarkable footage of predators attacking sharks! Captured by daring professional photographers and unlikely bystanders, the clips show us that even a predator at the top of the food chain isn’t always safe. Experts in the field explain how and why this happens. What becomes clear is that even sharks can become the hunted!


Shark Swarm | Tuesday 22 August | 6 P.M. CAT

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Over 12,000 blacktip sharks mill about near the coast. Near a remote tourist spot, 800 hungry grey sharks swarm together. Some sharks like the Mako, are solitary preferring the deep water far from the coast. Find out more about some of the largest, mysterious shark gatherings on the planet.



Some species of shark need to keep

moving in order to breathe.


Tiger Shark Terror | Wednesday 23 August | 6 P.M. CAT

Divers know that sharks feed at night. Is this true or is a different story hiding below the waves? Professional shark diver Eli Martinez and scientist Matthew Smukall plunge into the night-time world of Tiger Beach to find out if shark behaviour changes after sunset.

They see some of the skills that make tiger sharks such excellent predators. Then they try to outwit these beasts with an advanced camera system. It’s dangerous and difficult. The plan is to make the animals play dead so the team can get videos that might reveal some of their secrets.


When Sharks Attack: Escaping Jaws | Thursday 24 August | 6 P.M. CAT

People who looked JAWS in the eye and got away tell the true, terrifying stories of their great escapes.



Humans are not on the menu for sharks

and attacks are very rare.


When Sharks Attack: Tourist Traps | Friday 25 August | 6 P.M. CAT

Millions of people flock to beaches each year for a sunny holiday. But sometimes a swim in the ocean can become a deadly encounter with a shark. Why do sharks attack people? Scientists are hard at work trying to find answers.


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