In Ten Deadliest Snakes, the slithery new show on Nat Geo Wild, Nigel Marven seeks venomous snakes across the globe, from the sweltering forests of the Philippines to the scorching deserts of the Middle East.


On his extraordinary journey he visits spectacular locations, uncovers serpent behaviours and encounters a thrilling cast of creatures…


Episode 1

Nat Geo Wild Ten Deadliest Snakes

Nigel seeks a dangerous sea serpent and a snake with a venomous bite, the cobra. Along the way he meets the world’s largest eagle, a gecko with amazing grip and the brothers who are saving the lives of local farmers.


Episode 2

Nat Geo Wild Ten Deadliest Snakes

Next, Nigel travels to the mighty Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Off the east coast is an uninhabited island known as Snake Island – the only home of the highly venomous golden lancehead pit viper. Its cousin, another pit viper called the jararaca, can be found across Brazil and is responsible for a large number of human snake bites. But which one gets the top spot as the deadliest? In this country where there are over 25,000 reported bites each year, Nigel delves into the fascinating science behind the anti-venom treatments used to save lives.


Episode 3

Nat Geo Wild Ten Deadliest Snakes

Nigel travels to Mexico, home to an incredible 400 snake species, nearly a fifth of which are venomous. He searches high and low for his top ten snakes – from ancient oak and pine forests to the towering cacti of the baking hot Mexican desert. Rattlesnakes dominate the landscape, but the widely feared terciopelo and the beautiful Taylor’s cantil are also in the running for the number one spot. But it’s not only snakes that bite here – Nigel has a painful encounter with a lizard with jaws like a vice!


Episode 4

Nat Geo Wild Ten Deadliest SnakesNigel discovers how the snakes of Oman and the United Arab Emirates are highly adapted to life in the fiery heat of the desert. He puts his skills to the test to find his top ten snakes. Will the powerful venom and lightning-fast reflexes of the saw-scaled viper be a match for the puff adder, which can supposedly strike backwards? On his Middle Eastern mission, Nigel also encounters camels known as “ships of the desert”, as well as one seriously cute hedgehog!


Super snake stats!

Nat Geo Wild Ten Deadliest Snakes

  • The king cobra is the longest venomous snake on the planet. It can reach a scary length of 5,5 metres.
  • A black mamba can slither at an astonishing 5 metres per second, faster than most people run.
  • The eyes of the boomslang are close together at the front of its head, allowing it to see in 3-D.
  • Once under water, the yellow belly sea snake is able to stay there for up to 90 minutes at a time.


Ten Deadliest Snakes | Monday, 17 April at 6 p.m. CAT




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