We raised money for WWF’s fun animal fundraiser – and we have you to thank!

wear it wild wwf

On Friday 27 May NG KiDS donned a colourful array of animal costumes to raise money for wildlife charity WWF. From laughing lions to zig-zaggy zebras and even a playful panda – it’ sure was a fun day in the office

And thanks to you, we raised over £170 to help protect endangered wildlife and their habitats, so thank you for all your support!

Of course, if you’d still like to donate, we’d be thrilled! All you need to do is visit our fundraising page at justgiving.com (and make sure you have your parent or guardian’s permission first). 

wear it wild wwf

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All your help has spurred us on to make next year’s event bigger and better, so watch this space for next year’s fun activities.

How your funding will help

Shockingly, in the past 40 years the planet has lost more than half of its wildlife populations. And if we don’t act now, spectacular species such as tigers and rhinos could become extinct in our lifetime. 

By signing up, dressing up or donating you’ll be helping preserve these species for generations to come.

How to get involved

Sign up

First up, you (with your school or parent) need to sign up at wearitwild.wwf.org.uk.

Wear It Wild!

Get everyone at school to donate a bit of money to dress up as their favourite beast for the day. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, zebra socks or a leopard print scarf would do it. 

Face paints

Set up a face-painting booth where you can charge people for decorating them with tiger stripes, panda eyes or baboon noses. Check out the online tutorials at wearitwild.wwf.org.uk

Wild Party

Throw an amazing party at home with animal-themed films, music and party food. Ask your guests to chip in with a donation to WWF. 


Why do you think that it’s important to save our wildlife? Let us know by leaving a comment, below!




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  • Jack

    Save the animals

  • EllieOwl

    Good Work!!!

  • 23herqqq

    We dressed up as endangered secipes and raised money

  • buffy2005

    Im definitely going to sponsor them.

  • NG_Guy94

    Its a great idea!

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