Are you a fan of The LEGO® Batman Movie? Then you’re going to love these super sets featuring your fave characters… 

Fans of all ages can recreate Batman‘s adventures from the film themselves. Or you can be extremely inventive like Batman and build totally new adventures — according to your own rules. Not only do they promise endless building and playing fun, but they look super cool too.

Check them out, below…


The Batcave!

The LEGO Batman Movie sets

Batman’s snazzy Batcomputer features the latest technology and, thanks to his uber-modern, rotating control centre, he can immediately locate intruders such as The Penguin. The Batcave Break-in set also offers a transformation chamber where the minifigure of Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, a wardrobe for Batman’s many awesome costumes (so that he’s perfectly dressed in any situation) and an extremely stylish Batboat — in black, of course. The Penguin doesn’t stand a chance in his Duckmobile. Recreate The Penguin’s Batcave break-in as well as other adventures from the film, or even act out any new challenges that pop into your head — whenever you want!


The Batmobile and the Scuttler!

The LEGO Batman Movie sets

Use the Batmobile with Batman and Robin either in racing mode to make all the Super-Villains scuttle off or in monster-truck mode to overcome any obstacle. Parking? No problem! Park easily and just like a Super Hero in parallel-parking mode. This set lets you re-enact the most action-packed and wildest scenes from The LEGO Batman Movie at home, and includes minifigures of Robin, Man-Bat, the Kabuki Twins and, of course, Batman. And because Batman is Batman, he doesn’t just have the one cool vehicle in his garage: he has two. Introducing: The Scuttler! This vehicle comes with net launchers, shooters, extendable arms, a jetpack and a cockpit for Batman. These enable Batman to free Commissioner Gordon, his daughter and Dick Grayson from the hands of The Joker with ease. The Scuttler set is just as incredible —agile and ultra-nimble.


The Joker’s™ Notorious Lowrider and Killer Croc’s Tail-Gator!

The LEGO Batman Movie sets

If you see The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider darting through the streets, take care. The Lowrider has a pretty cool spring action and hidden shooters. The Killer Croc Tail-Gator has its own tricks, too! In his huge vehicle with its large rubber tires and suspension, Killer Croc thinks he can outrun Batman. But he didn’t count on Batman in his speedy Batski… With these sets, you can recreate and reimagine the wild chases from The LEGO Batman Movie at home — and make sure that Batman always wins, of course!


Never forget, gang: build like Batman!

Let us know what your dream superpower would be by leaving us a comment, below!




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