Surly Squirrel and the other park animals are living a life of luxury, hiding out in the basement of the nut shop – with lots of grub to tuck into! But when the nut shop explodes in a freak accident, the cute critters are forced to go back to scrounging for food in Liberty Park…..

The Nut Job 2

Out in cinemas 5 January 2015

And things are about to get a whole lot worse. The evil Mayor of Oakton has plans to bulldoze Liberty Park to build a dangerous amusement park – and get rid of the animals once and for all! Will Surly and his ragtag crew be able to band together to save their home, defeat the mayor and take back the park? Let’s hope so!

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Meet the Characters!

Say ‘hi’ to some of the cool characters from this must-see movie…

Nut Job 2 - Surly

Surly: The movie’s main character, Surly is a little squirrel with a big personality! Will he be able to save the day?


The Nut Job 2: Precious 2

Precious: Perhaps the only dog in the world more interested in befriending squirrels than chasing them! Caring and fun loving, Precious will do anything to protect her animal buddies.


Nut Job 2 - Heather

Heather: The wacky daughter of the evil Mayor of Oakton, Heather dognaps Precious and takes her home as a pet. Uh oh!


Nut Job 2 - Buddy

Buddy: Surly’s rat sidekick. Together, the daring duo set out across the city to rescue Precious. Good luck, guys!



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