Congratulations to our Teacher Appreciation Week competition winner Miss Williams!

Miss Williams went over and above her usual duties as a teacher when her classroom and the school library were lost in a fire at the end of the 2016 summer term.

After being nominated as a top teacher by Thomas Horner, Miss Williams scooped £250 Love2Shop vouchers in May – the first of our teacher prizes! Thomas bagged a year’s subscription to Nat Geo Kids magazine for himself and each member of his class for his nomination entry, which can be read below.

Miss Williams said; “I’ve put some of the vouchers towards a trophy for my class. It’s called the Thomas Horner Trophy and will be given for star of the week. He will be the first recipient!”


Star of the Week Thomas, with his Thomas Horner Award trophy!


The winner!

Here’s what Thomas said about our winner, Miss Williams:

Miss Williams was my favourite teacher ever when she taught me in year 3. I was really happy when I heard she was going to take our class again in year 5.

Then we had a school fire two days before the end of summer term 2016! We lost all the year 5 classrooms that we were about move into, as well as the brand new school library. School was closed early and I was very worried and upset.

Miss Williams, along with other teachers, arranged to meet up with pupils in a local church, to talk to us and make sure we didn’t spend the whole of the summer worrying. She told me everything would be fine and we’d have some new portacabin classrooms for September. I still worried but it was good to see photographs on Facebook during the holidays of the portacabins arriving.

Miss Williams is very organised and always keeps everything in plastic boxes, these had become smoke damaged and wet during the fire, so she spent lots of time during the summer holidays cleaning the equipment inside to make sure everything was ready when school opened in September. On the first day of term everything looked perfect! 

It was weird being out of the main school building but the portacabins were made to look really friendly. After the fire I was really worried how this year would go but Miss Williams has worked especially hard to make year 5 a success for me and my friends!


Thank you, teachers!

Congratulations to all the teachers nominated for our Teacher Appreciation Week competition!

We’ve included a free resource at the bottom of this article to thank everyone who entered — all about Ada Lovelace, ahead of Ada Lovelace Day on the 10 October!

Don’t forget, you can now access the rest of our FREE downloadable teaching resources online in our curriculum-mapped Primary Resources section! Why not take a look?


Check out the full list of nominees, and why their pupils nominated them, below:

We had some fantastic entries and loved hearing about all the inspiring work that teachers do for pupils up and down the country.


Miss Harding, Swallowfield Lower School nominated by Lucas Northey:

Miss Harding is lovely because she helps me to learn about interesting things.


Mr Grinbergs, Bishop Road Primary School nominated by Alex Bremer:

He’s a great teacher and I love his table challenge because we all work hard together. My favourite subject when he teaches is art because he gets us to make amazing models.


Wendy Alalami, Homeschooling:

My teacher’s name is Wendy Alalami and she is my mum! we homeschool (do school at home.) She is the BEST teacher ever because for one thing, she is my mum, and she is always makes all lessons interesting and fun! Because we are homeschooled she lets us draw pictures while we are listening to her reading us our history!


Miss H, Oldswinford Church of England Primary School nominated by Connie Pittaway:

Miss H is a brilliant teacher. She makes everyday lots of fun. We often don’t feel like we are working as the work is so enjoyable. She tells us lots of stories about herself to make us realise that we are not alone in our worries about things. I will be very sad when I have to move class in September.


Mrs Johnstone, Christchurch Junior School nominated by Macey Blakeway:

My teacher gives out sweets and prizes!


Mrs Greenwood, St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School nominated by Kacie Jones:

My teacher Mrs Greenwood has taught my sister and makes everyday a special day for all of us. I struggled moving to a new city after my mummy died I found it hard to make friends and to learn new things but now after 3 years I am top of my class.


Mrs Pilkington, Poulton St Chad’s C of E Primary School nominated by Harvey Wilson:

She is really funny she helps all of understand what we are doing I am new to this school, but so far my teacher is awesome I would love for her to win!


Mrs Highton, Cheveley C of E Primary School nominated by Jasmine Jilley:

Mrs Highton is NOT an ordinary teacher, she is a mega-fun one!!!!! Sometimes if we work hard in class she gives us NO homework, I mean how cool is that??? Mrs Highton always thinks of something fun to add to the lesson, like with literacy we get to write something on a yummy title… The Last Chocolate. In maths we got to use pinball sweets for ratio and then got to eat them! In our SAT’s week we got to have scrumptious breakfast because all the Year 6 teachers organised it. So if there’s one teacher in the world who I would have to live with forever it would be her!

My teacher (Mrs Highton) is officially the best teacher in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, sometimes in term time we get to watch a movie that we get to vote on! If there’s one thing you should know about Mrs Highton she is (apologies for the longest list of adjectives)

fun, awesome time infinity, always seems to fit a hashtag in each lesson, super kind, always fixes problems and fits a hug into it, encourages us whenever we’re feeling downhearted, does all my favourite lessons and just be’s her!


Mrs. Grallert, Halstead School nominated by Maya Daniel, Year 6:

My teacher is the best teacher in the world because she is kind, patient, thoughtful and funny. She never lets us down, always tells us stories and makes us laugh and smile. Since joining Halstead school, only in year 5, she has been giving me advice and support and is always there for me and all of us. Just knowing she is there, makes school feel like home. She is like a second mum to all of us. She even has a secret stash of Percy pigs for great work and a little ‘pick me up’. Mrs. Grallert has been teaching for many, many years and is retiring this year. We will miss her so much! She always has a big hug in store for us so I hope winning this will be like a big hug back. She truly deserves to win.


Mrs Yaffe, Eleanor Palmer Primary School nominated by Tara Sheherazade Sibert:

Mrs Yaffe is very exciting because she does very fun stuff with us. Our topic is about animals and we dissected fish in the classroom. She once took us to the top of the Shard. She is funny because she always tells us funny stuff about things. She is kind because she always helps us think about ideas.


Mrs Susannah Rose Doyle, The Russell School nominated by Clara Eling Doyle:

She is very kind, and nice and patient.

She challenges us in maths.

She makes sure that the lessons are interesting for everyone.

She is happy for the children to teach her new facts.


Miss Rickards, Iceni Academy nominated by Acer Adams-Snowdon:

My teacher is great because, she has supported me with my anxiety tics and epilepsy. She has explained to the class what it is I have and how important it is to understand how everyone is different and how we should be nice to each other. My teacher Miss Rickards is a lovely person and is always helpful and gave me a day’s grace on my homework because I did not understand it completely and needed to ask some questions. Miss Rickards loves music and makes every class fun because she is fun. Miss Rickards has helped me go on school trips without worrying and I have enjoyed them and I am going to go on my first residential and stay away from home for two nights. I love going to school and being in Miss Rickards class. I was real nervous about going to school before. I want Miss Rickards to win because she has helped me and I want to say thank you.  Thank you.


Miss Harris, The Victory Primary School nominated by Scarlett Lewis:

My teacher is called Miss Harris. Miss Harris reminds me of miss honey from The Matilda film she is so kind and always happy. I moved school last year and miss Harris made me feel happy and helped me settle in. She helps me with everything I need and is very kind.


Mr Baker, Stonefields School nominated by Olly:

Mr Baker is super awesome and is playful because he lets play video games educational and he is also caring and funny and my name is Olly same as his. No link to that. Stonefields School is great when he is around


Mr Dekoning, St Georges RC Primary School, York nominated by Millie Sparnenn:

My teacher Mr Dekoning is THE BEST, he helps me all the time. I cry a lot at school because I think I am bad at things and he always tries to make me smile and helps me with my work. He is the best teacher I have had and he is very funny too.


Miss Alongi, St Martin’s Primary School nominated by Calum McLeod:

Miss Alongi is kind. She helps me at school and I am happy going to school. She does fun things for us in our free time. I like Miss Alongi.


Rachel Thomas (SENCO), Pontarddulais Comprehensive School nominated by Kyle Roberts Year 7P:

She has been a massive help in getting me settled in school and the extra help I need


Mr Drayton, St Teresa Primary School nominated by Chidi:

My name Chidi and I go to St Teresa primary school. My favourite teacher is Mr Drayton because he encourages me at difficult times and has supported me with my work. That’s why he is my favourite teacher, Thank You 🙂


Miss Pollard, School Connor Downs Academy nominated by Caitriona Williams:

Miss Pollard is a fantastic reception class teacher, she allows the children to fully immerse themselves in learning while at the same time having fun and playing. She is amazing at keeping the children focused using fantastic techniques.


Mrs Kadri, Liphook Junior School nominated by Zack Powers:

Mrs Kadri, is an amazing Teacher, she finds us really fun things to do that teaches us to achieve the right answers. She has help me a lot with my maths as I find it very hard and I would like to thank her for all her hard work with me. Liphook Junior School has been a great school, but time is running out with me spending time with my teacher Mrs Kadri as we move up to Year 6.


Mrs McArthur, Kirkhill Primary School nominated by Hannah Martin:

My teacher is great because she makes everything fun, even the boring stuff. She teaches me lots about science and lets us make lots of exciting things. She is kind and lovely and helped every one my P1 class to settle into Kirkhill. It was really scary and strange to begin with and now I love it.


Mrs. Cadle, Abbey Academy in Daventy nominated by Imogen Ingram:

Mrs. Cadle is the world because she is funny and very kind. She gives us lots of fun activities. Her hair has its own name – Jeremy. She has a really cute dog. She is a very good dolphin leader (our class name is dolphins).


Mr. Gale, Westrop Primary School nominated by Tui Jackson:

My nominated teacher’s name is Mr. Gale.I have chosen him because he has helped me battle my way through my last year at primary school in order to help me pass my SAT s. Also, I’m very upset as yr 6 has flown by (everyone knows when you’re having fun time flies)! Surprisingly, at the start of this year I was not ready for my exams but in a few months he has changed my mind. In those few months, he has made every (I mean every) lesson fun. Mr. Gale has inspired me in every way possible. I hope – I know, next year when I’m not there – he will carry on teaching the brilliant way he already does. Mr. Gale really, really deserves this award! I would really appreciate this prize for my amazing classmates and terrific teacher. Thank You!


Miss Bennett, St Teresas Catholic Primary School nominated by Chiamaka:

My favourite teacher is Miss Bennett because she is an amazing teacher and has helped me when I have struggled! I always manage to get through it thanks to her, she’s the best teacher I could ever ask for.


Miss Robinson, Baguley Hall County Primary School nominated by Rachel Bethany Johnson:

I love her so much because she gives me a good education and she is lovely to be around she cares alot about me because she helps me with my back brace and miss Robinson is the bestest teacher you will ever meet. She is really nice because when I am upset she gives me lots and lots of love and she helps me with all my problems and she got me a new cushion for my back and when I need my back brace off or on she makes sure that she takes me into a special, private room and makes sure someone is on door duty so no one is looking and when she puts it on me she makes sure it is comfortable and makes sure I am not in pain and there’s one thing that I can describe about her “THE BEST TEACHER EVERRRRR!”


Ms Beeston, Oakgrove School nominated by Sadie Gandy:

Ms Beeston is the best teacher because she teaches me maths and she lets us have full stamps so we can go in the golden box for a prize. She also looks after me because I am the only girl in school.


Mrs Nicola Small, St Joseph’s Primary School nominated by Adam O’Prey:

I have autism and my teacher Mrs Small helps me manage throughout the school day. She is always happy and smiling and she looks after me. I am able to participate now with the group and I have learnt so much since she has been there, she helps me learn new skills such as cutting with scissors and i got a sticker for excellent reading last week because she is always encouraging me. I am happier and calmer in class and it’s a place I love to be now because she is there. I think she deserves a treat 🙂


Miss Box, Ludlow Junior School nominated by Louie Clasby:

Miss Box is my teacher in year 4 at Ludlow Junior School. She always helps me in class and cares about my learning. I sometimes find maths hard but she is patient and shows me what to do. Miss Box is the best!


Mrs Blowfield, Thatcham Park C Of E Primary School nominated by Toby Nutt:

My teacher Mrs Blowfield is always happy


Mrs Gillespie, Sydenham Primary School nominated by Sommer & Connor Eley:

I nominate Mrs Gillespie, for being a really great teacher to my brother. He has just finished his SAT’S and she was so kind to them, she gave sausage sandwiches to them every morning to make sure they had energy in the morning to do the exams and she is always so kind and understanding. I am really looking forward to having her as my teacher next and I really hope she stays. I would love her to get a really nice treat because she really is a good teacher and treats all the children as really good friends.


Mr Holman, Barnham School nominated by Sullivan Goddard:

My teacher is Mr Holman and he’s the best. He teaches me Maths and I really like Maths. He sometimes makes me laugh, especially when he does a funny dance in the mornings. We can all tell him what a great teacher he is, but this would really seal the deal!


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