The days are darker, the air is colder, guess what that means, gang? It’s time to start the countdown to Christmas! So, let’s get ready for the festive season by learning how to make an advent calendar…

What you’ll need…

One branch or stick, about 50-80cm long

24 envelopes and/or small paper bags

Treats to put in the bags

Coloured scrap paper

Stickers (optional)

Hole punch, glue stick, black pen, scissors, string


Try to find a fallen branch or stick in your garden or a park. If it’s been raining, you might need to let it dry first. Ask an adult to use sandpaper on any rough edges.

Step 1

how to make an advent calendar | tie a piece of string to the branch

Cut a piece of string about one-and-a-half times the length of the branch, and ask an adult to help you tie it to each end.

Step 2

how to make an advent calendar | decorate the bags

Cut out shapes from your scrap paper and glue them to the bags and envelopes to decorate them. Number the bags 1-24.

Step 3

how to make an advent calendar | fill the bags with goodies

Now fill the bags! You could put sweet treats (like chocolate coins) inside, or write some jokes!


You could include some fun activities in the bags, by writing them on a scrap of paper and popping it in! Why not start with some other Nat Geo Kids activities, like making a snow globe or cooking Christmas tree biscuits?

Step 4

how to make an advent calendar | punch holes in the bags and thread string through

Hole-punch the tops of the envelopes and bags. For bigger (or heavier) bags, you might need to make two holes to make sure they hold shut. Thread a length of string through the hole you’ve just made.

Step 5

how to make an advent calendar | tie the bags onto the branch

Tie all the bags to the branch, trying to space them at different heights. Ask an adult to help you hang the calendar up on a hook or nail.


If you have siblings, you could put surprises in each other’s bags, so you don’t know what you’re getting each day!

Step 6

On 1 December, open your first bag and enjoy the treats inside! Repeat until Christmas Day, when hopefully you’ll have some other exciting gifts to open…

how to make an advent calendar | finished calendar

Did you enjoy learning how to make an advent calendar? Let us know if you’re going to have a go at this festive craft by leaving a comment, below!




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  • Mia

    It was really fun I thought it would not be very fun

  • Eileen

  • I love making a calendar, you can make a calendar on EVERY festival! Even on your birthdays! I can also make many many calendars for ALL my friends and family!

  • Hannah010709

    Hey! Two things, One, My School has their own advent calendar and we use drawing challenge for that. Two, I would love to make an advent calendar because then I'll use it to put something in there.

  • A bear

    love it

  • nice

  • Saanvi

    love it

  • ZhuGuanqun

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  • GMA


  • Sav

    It looks so cool!

  • Vale

    It looks so cool and I am hoping that I will be able to make it .

  • Saanvi

    I looovvve it!

  • Looks sooo fun!

  • Evie

    I loved making it!!

  • peepeepoopoowoooo

    i might do this for my christmas party with my friends

  • arabella

    cool iv made alot al reddy

  • I really like it

  • Hermione Granger

    So cool ! I'm defo going to make this cool advent calender !!!!!!!

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