We sat down with actor Daniel Radcliffe to chat about his role as handsome super-spy, Rex Dasher, in PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE.

Plus, we put him to the test in our fun animal detective game!

PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE is out in Australia from 12th December 2019!


Below is a transcript of the interview:

Nat Geo Kids: Daniel, Lovely to meet you.

Daniel: Lovely to meet you, thank you.

Nat Geo Kids: In the movie, you play the handsome super spy, Rex Dasher. How close is Rex to the real‐life Daniel?

Daniel: Very very far, I would say! I was literally just looking at him in the poster there thinking, I could never be that suave in a million years! I’m being out‐cooled very much by this plastic version of me.

Nat Geo Kids: Obviously, you’re most well‐known for playing Harry Potter who is a real heroic character. In this, you played a really heroic character, too. Is there a famous villain you have ever wanted to play?

Daniel: Ooh, I don’t know! I would definitely love to play someone truly nasty at some point just because that seems like it would be really fun! But I haven’t gotten to that yet. I’ll be on the lookout for it but it hasn’t come yet. I guess I don’t read as super intimidating and evil yet, so I’ll need to work on that.

Nat Geo Kids: Bringing it back to heroes, when you were growing up who were your heroes? Or who are your heroes now?

Daniel: I suppose it fells like an obvious one to say, but definitely my parents. A lot of friends of mine who I have worked with and I have seen in various stages of their life and deal with things, in my opinion, very heroically. And then there’s lots of actors and people like that who I looked up to, and some of whom I was very lucky enough to work with, like Gary Oldman, who played Sirius obviously in Potter. I’ve been fairly lucky, most of the heroes I have have been people I’ve actually known in my life, which is a nice way to have it.

Nat Geo Kids: PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE is all about embracing adventure. but if you could adventure to anywhere in the world, or to any point in time, where do you think you would adventure to?

Daniel: I would love to go to Japan, just on my own and travel round there just because that seems like a very different world and different experience. I have been when I was much younger but I’d like to go again as an adult. If I could time travel to a different era… I don’t know, I feel very lucky to be alive now! I feel like I’m going to take my chances in staying in the modern world and have adventures here! I’m definitely sticking with my current time period.

Nat Geo Kids: Wise choice!

Daniel: Thank you!

Nat Geo Kids: Rex Dasher is a master of disguise. We’re from National Geographic Kids, so if you could disguise yourself as any animal and live their life for one day, which animal would you be?

Daniel: A wolf — definitely! Wolves have always been my favourite animal. I’m pretty sure when I was a kid I had an imaginary pet wolf for a time. You know, when I was young, young. We won’t start that — I was 16! But wolves have always been a little side obsession of mine, so I’d go for a wolf.

Nat Geo Kids: Talking about animals again, I’ve got a little game for you… just to test out your real‐life spy skills. I’ve got a set of animal footprints, so its your job to see if you can tell me which animals they belong to.

Daniel: I’m going to be terrible at this… That’s hard!

Nat Geo Kids: I can give you a clue…

Daniel: Okay, give me a clue!

Nat Geo Kids: It has a big horn…

Daniel: A rhino?

Nat Geo Kids: Yes!

Daniel: Okay… some sort of big cat? No? A dog? A big dog? A bear?

Nat Geo Kids: Yes, a bear!

Daniel: Was it a specific bear or is ‘bear’ specific enough?

Nat Geo Kids: Just a general bear!

Daniel: Just a general bear, okay good.

Nat Geo Kids: This one, I think is pretty difficult. It looks a bit like a human hand.

Daniel: It’s like me when I haven’t cut my nails! Can I have a clue?

Nat Geo Kids: It’s a British animal…

Daniel: A badger?

Nat Geo Kids: It’s spikey…

Daniel: Hedgehog?

Nat Geo Kids: Yes!

Daniel: A hedgehog?! That’s a hedgehog’s foot?! Not to scale obviously, that’d be a terrifying hedgehog!

Nat Geo Kids: Especially with the spikes! This one I think is quite difficult…

Daniel: Yeah! Clue, please!

Nat Geo Kids: They live in Australia…

Daniel: Oh okay, so it’s some sort of marsupial. I’m going to say koala? Is it a kangaroo?

Nat Geo Kids: It’s a kangaroo.

Daniel: I should have gone for the obvious one!

Nat Geo Kids: The final one…

Daniel: Is that some sort of dinosaur? Or currently extinct? Or a currently living animal? Okay… clue! Sorry. Clue, please!

Nat Geo Kids: Simba…

Daniel: Oh okay, a lion! You could have given me a broader clue but thank you! You were kind, you were being nice. Thank you!

Nat Geo Kids: That’s all the prints, you did really well.

Daniel: Thanks very much, I did okay there. I was just in Australia and I met a load of koalas and kangaroos, so I’m disappointed that I needed that clue.

Nat Geo Kids: I think you did a great job. It was great to meet you!

Daniel: Lovely to meet you as well, thank you!

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