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Have an eco-friendly Christmas!

Discover ways to help protect the environment this festive season!
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    What is the largest species of bird?
General Kids Club

International Children’s Peace Prize 2020!

Watch the amazing award ceremony…
General Kids Club

National Geographic Kids magazine

Check out our awesome magazine – for kids who love learning about our weird and wonderful world!
General Entertainment

How to make a snow globe

Create a glittery decoration for the winter holidays!

The Right Stuff!

Check out the incredible true story of America’s first astronauts…

Did you know?

Most people blink more than 14,000 times a day.

General Entertainment

How to make Christmas tree biscuits

Learn to bake some super-sweet treats to hang on your Christmas tree!
General History

10 facts about Christmas!

Learn all about the history and twinkly traditions of the festive season…

Tim Peake interview!

We caught up with awesome astronaut, Tim Peake, about life in space…
General History

British Empire facts!

Discover the full story behind this important piece of world history…
General History

The life of Nelson Mandela

Discover the world-famous human rights activist who became South Africa’s first black president…
General History

10 facts about Martin Luther King

Learn about the world-famous civil rights campaigner…

Did you know?

The sunset on Mars appears blue.

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