Days are getting shorter, leaves are turning brown and temperatures are dropping – autumn’s here!┬áTo celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season, NG Kids has created a gallery of our favourite autumn animals. Take a look!


What’s YOUR favourite autumn animal? Leave a comment below and let us know…

Photos: Getty Images UK



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  • Kat19

    I love dogs and animals

  • Lili

    Mine would probably be a fox or a wolf they are beautiful creatures!

  • Merriam


  • Veptum

    umm... is there any facts all i see is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute plzzz put some facts for the poor or whatever JUST PUT FACTS EHHHHH EGGS

  • Me9

    I like them all!

  • Animal Safety Team 2237w

    I love all of them especially the baby fox!

  • Animal Safety Team 2237w

    We love all of them especially the baby fox!

  • ProFox

    Just love foxes. I dont get foxes where I live though

  • NGkids

    Dormouse is the best for me #cute

  • Olivia_T

    I love the foxes and the owls. the owls are amazing, there heads spin round there body and they mostly hunt at night, Foxes, hunt and night and day. There Awesome Creatures! The fox is deadly, but cool!

  • jessc2005

    i like hedgehogs so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    I like hedgehogs

  • Pippa

    foxes they are soooooooooo cute ( and i have a family of them living near my house )

  • katyh

    hedgehogs are so cute when they are hudling together redy for a nice long winter sleep

  • cella

    soo cute animals are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red panda999

    Aww soooo cute

  • pretty2

    I love animals

  • tinydude11

    sooooooooooooo cute

  • Holly-Anne

    I love all autumn animals, espicially hedgehogs!!!

  • zoomaster


  • mutantspider11

    amazing pictures

  • sky

    i like this website is cool

  • Didi

    i heart the wolves

  • animalfan

    soooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuttteee


    I love all the animals! Make sure the fox doesnt steal your chickens, but you shouldnt shoot it! #SAVETHEFOXES!

  • Break-free

    Foxes and Badgers, definitely!

  • ana08

    my favourite animal is a hedgehog.

  • Hugsfurpups

    My favs were pics #3, 13, and 14 of elk, pics 5 and 6 of the foxes, pics 7 and 8 of the horses, and finally pics 15 and 16 of the wolfs

  • dinosaur

    my favorite is the hedgehog

  • karategirl

    I love the wolves. they are my fave animals.

  • lucadee

    Red squirrel

  • seasand


  • YellowElephant

    My favourite autumn animal is a red squirrel because they are extremely cute.

  • Ellie's /

    Love picture 2!

  • Didi

    My fave animal is the Wolf and Fox. I love canines.

  • balloonking123456789

    my favourite is a dormouse.

  • Rosa.

    My favourite animal is a red squirrel because it is rare and it is cute

  • EllieGB

    My favourite autumn animal is a hedgehog!

  • macers240


  • macers240

    I loved the pics. I love animals

  • sim

    soo cute x

  • Gemma Sess

    I Love the pitcher.

  • El

    Its so cute and epic

  • ABC 123

    mine is the heghog number 1 there sooooo cute number 2 i live write near a field and once i was walking my puppy with my dad and i was just walking in the house and i saw a realy cute heghog just out side my house it was soooo cute and it looked soooo young !!!!! how lucky i was!!!!!

  • yolo

    I like the owl.

  • Roo123

    They are so cute I want one

  • Joe22

    Red sqirrrels used to be a commen sight but now it is decreasing

  • emma

    so cute he is adoreble

  • Heloise

    so cute!!

  • zues


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