Thought Velociraptor was scary? Just wait until you meet Dakotaraptor…

Dakotaraptor: Giant winged raptor unearthed by Robert A. DePalma and scientists in North America

A huge new dinosaur has been unearthed in South Dakota, USA.

And scientists say the 5-m-long creature, which lived 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, is one of the largest raptors ever found!

Palaeontologists (dinosaur experts) couldn’t believe their eyes when they unearthed the bones of this giant in the famous Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota, an area that’s famous for its dinosaur discoveries such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops.

They named their discovery Dakotaraptor, after where it was unearthed.

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A team of experts at Kansas University studied the dino’s bones and found that the Dakotaraptor would have had wings! They noticed a series of small bumps along its forearms called “quill knobs” (points where feathers attach to bone), similar to what you’d find on a modern bird today – only on a giant scale!

Dakotaraptor: Giant winged raptor unearthed by Robert A. DePalma and scientists in North America
A huge, prehistoric killing machine? Sounds pretty scary to us! (Artwork by Emily Willoughby)

The scientists believe that the enormous raptor may have been a match for the infamous T. rex. Although Dakotaraptor wasn’t as large as the the 12-m-long Tyrannosaurus, palaeontologist Robert DePalma and his team believe it was an awesome predator.

Although Dakotaraptor wasn’t as large as the the 12m long Tyrannosaurus, palaeontologist Robert DePalma and his team believe that the Dakotaraptor fills the rather large size gap between smaller raptors and T. rex.

“Dakotaraptor could run very fast, it could jump incredibly well, it was agile and it had grappling hooks on the front and rear limbs,” Robert says. “These claws could grab on to anything and just slice them to bits – it was utterly lethal!”

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  • Dinoslasher

    My fave under water dino is mosasaraus and land dino is dilophosaurus

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    Kewl :3

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    it the illuminati pet

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    Super...Deadly...And Dead

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    cool discovery now I want to know more

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    soooooooooooooo cool

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    scientists are discovering new things every day! This dinosaur is so cool!

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  • Dinoslasher

    I want one as a pet!!!

  • Dinoslasher

    I want one as a pet!!! My favourite dino is giganotasaurus.

  • Dinoslasher

    I want one as a pet!!! My favourite dino is giganotasaurus.

  • Nature3

    Wow thats an amazing report

  • Nature3

    Wow that is a brilliant and amazing report a bout nature and life from the time of the dinosaurs

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    Wow that is a very amazing and brilliant fact about findings of prehistoric life!

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    Wow thats amazing !

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    my favourite dinosaur is the Ankilosaurus

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    This must have been a pretty dangerous dinosaur!!!!!!!

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    very awesome and I love dinosaur so this is very interesting

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    Awesome facts!

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    this must be a lethal predator my favourite dinosaur is Therizinosaurus

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