We’re off to meet the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs with National Geographic Kids’ time-travelling mouse Max. Take a look at what he gets up to…

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Max in Ancient Egypt



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    the mouse was funny but most of what he said was true. its a sweet little comic about ANCIENT EGYPT!! COOL! THANKS SOOO MUCH!! THIS A DREAM COME TRUE

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    i like how it teach you how hard it was to be a pharaoh and if you was one you got craved in the wall.and i liked how they told you what they were back then.

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    Many Things To Do As A Pharaoh

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    Well I thought the comic was very interesting. My favorite was when they were at war and the mouse thingy said that he forgot to sign some papers and to take him back home. Also at the end of the comic when he said "hey you cant leave me here! Ive got more adventures next month!" So yeah that is what I thought about this story. I hope they make another one very soon -Ashley_was_here123

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    Pharoahs have a tough job,to collect taxes,make sure the town is safe and to make sure every thing goes well. When they die they are put into tombs in the pyramids

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