Ready for a trip back in time with National Geographic Kids? Then join us as we discover ten terrific facts about the Tudors. Just be sure to mind your head..!

Tudor facts

1. The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603. This was when the Tudors were the ruling family in England.

2. The first Tudor monarch was King Henry VII who claimed the throne when his forces defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. He ruled until his death in 1509.

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3. The Tudor rose was created when Henry VII brought an end to the Wars of the Roses (an ongoing battle between two royal groups – the House of Lancaster and the House of York).  He joined the White Rose of York with the Red Rose of Lancaster, creating the Union Rose (or Tudor Rose), which is still used as the floral emblem of England today! 

Henry VIII facts

4. Following his father’s death, Henry VIII became King of England in 1509 and ruled until his death in 1547. Today one of England’s most famous historical figures, Henry VIII is well known for his six marriages – and for having two of his wives beheaded!

5. Like us today, the Tudors enjoyed eating different types of meat. But without fridges and freezers, they would preserve meat by rubbing salt on it.

6. People in Tudor times didn’t eat with a fork – they ate using knives, spoons and their fingers.

Tudor hornbook

7. There were few books in Tudor schools, so pupils read from “hornbooks” instead. Pages displaying the alphabet and religious material were attached to wooden boards and covered with a transparent sheet of cow horn.

8. If you were a child in a Tudor school, you’d better behave! Teachers were very strict and would punish pupils with 50 strokes of the cane. Pupils with wealthy families would often pay for a “whipping-boy” for their child – if the rich child misbehaved, the whipping-boy received the punishment!

9. Some of the boardgames the Tudors played are still enjoyed today, such as chess, backgammon and card games!

Tudor house

10. Tudor houses are very distinctive and many can still be seen today. The houses had a wooden frame with walls made from “wattle and daub” – a building material consisting of wooden strips covered with mud, clay and wet soil. The walls were then painted white giving what is known as “the black and white effect“…


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