Water is such a precious resource. In fact, every living thing on our planet needs it to survive! That’s why it’s super-important we keep Earth’s water clean and safe. Sadly though, the world’s water sources – from winding rivers to the mighty ocean – are in trouble because of pollution. Let’s find out more…

The importance of water  

Our freshwater streams, rivers and lakes are amazing places. They provide food to eat and water to drink to all kinds of wonderful wildlife, as well as billions of people around the world!

We humans need fresh water to drink, cook, wash and clean, grow food and make all kinds of things. But did you know, only around 1% of Earth’s water is fresh and drinkable? The rest is frozen in ice caps or found in our salty seas, where it provides a home for all our magnificent marine life.

And the ocean isn’t just important for sea life, it’s important for our entire planet, providing over half of the world’s oxygen and helping keep our climate stable. Put simply, our water is incredibly valuable – so let’s look after it properly!

What’s the problem?

Young Changemakers water pollution

Over the past century particularly, Earth’s water sources around the world have been polluted by all kinds of waste. Chemicals from factories, sewage, household waste, and lots of unmanaged rubbish, like plastic bags, packaging, bottles, and even lost fishing equipment all find their way into our waterways. In fact, an estimated 300-400 million tonnes of waste is thought to pollute our rivers and seas every year, putting aquatic ecosystems in danger. And since everyone and everything depends on Earth’s water supply, it’s vital we clean it up…

What we can do?

Thankfully, people all around the world are working hard to clean up, restore and regenerate our wonderful waterways. Yay! One such person is Rhenan, a KidsRights young Changemaker from Brazil!

Young Changemaker Rhenan Caue

Learn more about the amazing eco-projects Rhenan’s created in Brazil!


Check out the Dirt Is Good Academy and join other kids who are making the world a better place!

Have you taken part in any environmental clean-up projects? Leave a comment below and let us know!




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    Water is everything

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    good idea i can do better lol

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    We are very great fully aware of the help you have provided for our planet

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