7-year-old Meredith Moss petitions against McDonald's plastic straws

A seven-year-old girl has launched a petition asking McDonald’s to switch their plastic straws for paper ones. 

After listening to a talk on the problem of plastic waste in our oceans by wildlife presenter, ‘The Blowfish’, Meredith Moss, from Bedfordshire, set sail on an online mission to save marine wildlife – starting with straws.

We use a whopping 500,000,000 straws every single day. Designed in the 1960s, they’re a cheap and disposable way to enjoy a cold drink, but the story of where they end up is far more chilling!

Straws are one of the top ten pieces of waste found in our oceans. They pollute the water and can end up being eaten by wildlife such as birds, fish and whales. The plastic is made of polypropylene – a material that is designed to last forever. 

7-year-old Meredith Moss petitions against McDonald's plastic straws

As it floats in the water, the plastic is degraded by the sun, sending small plastic particles down into the sea. These are then eaten by phytoplankton – tiny creatures which produce essential oxygen for our planet – causing damage and even death.

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Thinking about how she could save the world from plastic waste, Meredith decided to tackle one of the biggest offenders – McDonald’s

On her petition, which has 818 signatures and counting, she wrote: “If plastic straws weren’t freely available it would be much better for the environment. If a big company like McDonald’s could lead the way then others might follow. We need to take action now to protect the future.”

7-year-old Meredith Moss petitions against McDonald's plastic straws

If she reaches 1,000 signatures, Meredith will deliver the petition to Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald’s UK.

Meredith’s mum, Shona, said: “When Meredith realised companies like McDonalds and Burger King use plastic straws she was horrified. She realised that no matter how much we recycle at home, if we keep being given plastic we’ll never win. She wants the petition to make people aware of the situation. I am very proud of her”


Meredith’s petition has reached 1,000 signatures! Her mum, Shona, shared the happy news with the the petition’s supporters, promising that the petition will soon be delivered to the CEO of McDonald’s UK:

“We have reached 1000 signatures, Meredith wanted to say thank you so much for supporting her and for all of the lovely comments. Today we will email the petition to McDonalds to see what they say but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping, if you can think of anyone or anyway to get more signatures please do share. Many thanks from a happy little girl and a proud mummy!” 

You can still sign Meredith’s petition here: change.org. Let us know what you think of Meredith’s story by leaving a comment below!




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