Xavi, a young boy from Sussex, has raised over £2,000 for India’s rescued elephants – what an achievement!

After learning the story of Raju, an elephant who was rescued from a lifetime of abuse by the charity, Wildlife SOS, Xavi was determined to help other elephants like him.

First, Xavi organised an online fundraising campaign that raised over £1,700 through raffles and a silent auction! This was an amazing result, but he was determined to challenge himself further…

So, in January, he embarked on a Freedom Walk! Along with his mum and sister, Xavi walked 50km through the Sussex countryside near his home. The walk raised another £400 – go Xavi!

Xavi Fundraising Indian Elephant Rescue
Xavi’s sister walked with him every step of the way!

Elephants at risk!

Wildlife SOS currently care for 30 Indian elephants like Raju. These elephants were all once owned by humans, who mistreated them. Some were kept in captivity and confinement as temple elephants, while others were forced to perform in circuses.

With the help and support of people like Xavi, Wildlife SOS can rescue these amazing animals and take them to a safe sanctuary where they can heal. Their Elephant Rehabilitation Centre is a place where the elephants can live happily, with lots of food, medical care, and even huge baths! Best of all, they never have to carry a heavy load or stay in a tiny shelter ever again.

However, all of this requires lots of money, and that’s why they need the support of people like Xavi.

Xavi Fundraising Indian Elephant Rescue
Xavi said that he was able to keep smiling, by knowing how much the elephants would benefit from his efforts!

Make a difference!

Xavi walked 50km on his freedom walk – one tenth of the distance that rescuers sometimes have to travel to save vulnerable elephants. That makes sense, seeing as Xavi is one tenth of the size of an elephant!

I don’t like walking”, Xavi said, “but the elephants don’t like walking hundreds of miles as slaves”.

Xavi has special educational needs, so he knows that the world can be a difficult place. Through all his fundraising, he wants nothing more than to help make life easier for these incredible elephants.

Keep up the good work, Xavi!

You can learn more about Raju, the rescued Indian elephant whose story inspired Xavi, here:




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  • Lily

  • AmazingPerson

    Well Done Xavier!!What a great achievement. You are so inspiring. Can't wait to see what you do next. #elephants #saveareplanet #Xavier

  • Penny the bookworm pangolin

    Wow wow wow ! Xavi , keep up the good work !

  • Penny the bookworm pangolin

    Wow Xavi , you have inspired me to do something about elephant nets and other endangered animals . Keep up the good work !

  • JamesCharIesSisters1

    Well Done Xavier

  • Isy

    Wow cool!


    that was so touching!!! they should keep saving those elephants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone was here

    WOW! This was really inspiring for my kids!

  • Gala

  • SB

    Well done. that is a great achievement. The story of Raju is inspiring!

  • giraffe

    well done! that was amazing

  • lola

    wow i cant belive how the elaphant felt while in slavery

  • Smile

    That was incredibly cool to save elephants keep going!!!

  • Wildlife Derin

    This video just show that by doing one small thing to help the planet you can make a difference.

  • Wildlife DERIN

    This has really inspired me and it shows that one small thing done to help the planet can make a BIG difference...

  • eliza

    wow thats is super cool wanna try that

  • belle

    Good job! My favourite animal is an elephant!

  • Nicholas

    very good!!!!

  • Zoey


  • That was really inspiring now I want to do something like a fundraiser to help our lovely planet

  • Miranda Dávila Sumano

    In my opionion it is a very good action you should continue like this, Great job!!!

  • Miranda Dávila Sumano

    Hello!!! The action you did it is a very beautiful action Lets take action! Cool!

  • Dolphin


  • Mahika

    Makes me very sad

  • Dacian5463Awesome:)!!! save elifents

    SAVE THE ELIFENTES !!!!!!!! and i biliven in you and fallo you hart and kids can do a lot of thing i will help to!!!!! i'm a kid scientist now and i now lots of things about animals i have a scies team to maby they can help to we will hang posters and think of stuf to help eleifents and happy valintines and im a expert like you and every one els and every one help this kid make his drem come true :)

  • Victoria


  • Juan Pa

    Xabi I really liked your idea. Because you help the animals a lot and that pleases me a lot

  • eugesking

    Eugenio Ns ava Roja Hi Xavi, what you are doing is awesome, respect man. Bye Congrats

  • tato@liks.co

    this project is good for the elephants because to avoid the extincionof the elephants

  • Emiliano

    your project is very cool

  • Sofi P

    Xavi I think that your idea is amazing. Because you help a lot of animals thanks to do a change in the world.

  • tato@liks.co

    His projet is very good I like it

  • GDcooper

    lets take action

  • Rex

    keep it up go go go go

  • me


  • me

  • naoise

    so cool

  • Jellybean

    Keep walking Xavi!

  • aidas

    i will love to help

  • wel don Xavi u r awsom I think u r doing a great job i want 2 help th elephants 2 fight 4 elephants

  • WOW!

  • lili

    wow you are sooo cool grat job lets go : ) SAVE THE ELIFANTS

  • cloey

    i love how they saved this elephant. it just makes me sooooo happy!

  • Leah


  • zookeeper girl 10


  • zookeeper girl 10

    that is amazing

  • Save the elephants!! Go Xavi!! :) :) You are amazing!! :) :)

  • DaanyaP

    so helpful,great job xavi!

  • Linda

    Way to go xavi, truly an inspiration to us all look forward to your next instalment xx

  • bvgnvhmbhguytug

  • Saadio


  • deepit.misra


  • Gizmo

    Good job xavi!

  • lois

  • Hannah

    Way to go Xavi! :)

  • Ali

    Xavi you are amazing and a true inspiration. You have a kind heart, keep up the good work and help change the world.

  • Ali

    Xavi you are amazing and a true inspiration. You have a kind heart Keep up the good work and help change the world for the better.

  • BrookeB

    You can do it!!

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