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Do you love exploring the world around you? Whether you want to try your hand at hiking, test out your tracking skills or become a cool camper, there’s a Bear Grylls Survival Skills Handbook for you!

Filled with detailed illustrations, fascinating facts and top tips from the one-and-only Bear, these survival guides are an absolute must-have! They’re packed with everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bear grylls skills books

There are 12 brilliant books to collect, each teaching you essential survival skills. Learn how to use a compass, build a shelter and heaps more!

Plus, if disaster strikes, you’ll be well prepared. Discover how to signal for help, treat injuries, and even what to do if you encounter a deadly animal!  


Bear’s Epic Adventure series

Ever wanted to be an amazing adventurer like Bear Grylls? Well now you can learn all about some of the most epic expeditions and climbs in the history of exploration and mountaineering in Bear’s Epic Adventures series!

Starting with Epic Expeditions and Epic Climbs, each book in the series is packed with breathtaking photography and tons of exciting expedition secrets.

Each one also has a chapter on Bear’s own adventures. So awesome!


Epic expeditions

Journey through the planet’s most extreme terrains and discover how explorers coped with searing heat, intense cold, the lack of food and water, and much more.

This book’s packed with incredible adventures!


Epic climbs

Prepare to explore the European Alps, the Himalayas, the Karakoram Range and the polar region of North America.

With thrills and spills at every turn, this book reveals tons about the dangers that explorers face!

Epic climbs book - bear grylls survival skills



For your chance to win copies of both these exciting Epic Adventure books, we want you to imagine you’re about to swap trekking boots with Bear Grylls and head off on your own epic adventure!

Just tell us what three things you’d take with you and why. The TEN entries we like best will each win copies of Bear’s Epic Expeditions and Epic Climbs!

bear grylls epic adventures book

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  • Charlie Hancock

    I Love Bear Grylls but I want to be him and I really good explorer

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