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Hold onto your explorer hats gang, because we’re about to delve into the deep, fiery depths of volcanoes!

If you fancy yourself as a volcanologist – embarking on exciting expeditions, thermal testing and giant crystal collecting – then you’ve come to the right place! Explore volcanology with the newl’s range, they’ve got everything you’ll need for your next volcanic adventure!

Volcano Exploration Base


LEGO City Volcano Explorer Base

Help the scientists and explorers discover new information about the volcano! Find a spot to set up the exploration base so the scientists have the equipment they need. Then use the excavator and dumper to place boulders in the rack and break them open to find the crystal elements. Fly the drone over the volcano to get a bird”s eye view. Science rocks!

Volcano Heavy-Lift Helicopter


LEGO City Volcano Explorer Helicopter

Grab your gear and hop into the Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter! Help the crew deliver the mobile lab or the boulder cracker using the attached crane. Set up the mobile lab near the volcano before it erupts and crack open the boulders to discover the crystal elements inside. Use the dumper and lifter to load them onto the helicopter and fly back to the city!

Volcano Supply Helicopter



Exploring is hard work! Bring some heavy lifting power to break up the boulder and discover what”s inside. Drive the Volcano Crawler over the rough terrain and use the ATV to move the rocks into position. Use the jackhammer to crack open the boulder and find the hidden crystal element. Discovering cool things makes the hard work fun!

Volcano Exploration Truck


LEGO City Volcano Exploration Truck

Get behind the wheel of the tough exploration truck and head to the volcano site! Move the boulder around then crack it open with the drill. Look, there’s a crystal element inside! Lift it onto the back of the truck and take it back to the lab so you can study it.

Volcano Starter Set



Head out with the crew of volcano explorers and scientists to investigate the active volcano! Pack up the ATV with everything you need, and remember the camera for pictures. Look out, the volcano is erupting! Check out the boulder that”s by the volcano, what”s inside? Grab the pickaxe, a new scientific discovery is about to be made!


We can’t wait to start exploring! Let us know which set you”d most like by leaving a comment below…




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  • lizanneh

    I love it

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