Go on safari with National Geographic Wild this month to explore extraordinary animals and places on our amazing continent…


Africa’s Hunters

2 – 4 September | 6 p.m. and 6.48 p.m.

Episode 1 | Kimba’s Rise

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of lioness

The Mwamba lion pride dominates the west bank of the river in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. But this family is facing an uncertain future.

Episode 2 | Prides and Prejudice

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of a full-bellied pride of lions

Being born into the mighty Mwamba pride should give young cub Milo the best start in life. But he soon finds himself in trouble. Does Milo have what it takes to survive


Episode 3 | The Misfit Comes of Age

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of lionesses and cubs crossing the river

The Nsefu pride must take a huge risk and cross the Luangwa River in search of prey. These croc-infested waters are a real challenge, especially for a young cub known as the Misfit


Episode 4 | The Leopard Who Changed Her Spots

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of leopard in a tree

Young leopardess Chipazua relies on her mother Malaika for food – even though she should be able to provide for herself by now. When Malaika suddenly leaves, Chipazua must learn how to hunt for herself!


Episode 5 | Deadly Rivals

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of two hyena cubs

Trouble’s brewing in the valley when a clan of hyenas start stealing food from a pack of wild dogs. Who will win this turf war? And what happens when lions get involved?


Episode 6 | Buffalo Showdown

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of buffalo drinking at a river

There’s a strange confrontation in the Luangwa Valley when an elite pride of lions and a 300-strong herd of buffalo clash. Who will come out on top in this epic stand-off?


Okavango: River of Dreams

5 – 7 September | 6 p.m.

Extraordinary Africa National Geographic Wild: photo of hippos fighting

Take a look at the amazing landscapes and wildlife of the Upper Okavango River in Southern Africa. We follow the story of Fekeetsa, a lioness living in this fascinating watery world.

Watch National Geographic Wild on: 
DSTV – channel 182
Black– channel 262  
Starsat – channel 221

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  • Jennifer & Jessica

    Wow! Awesome! I've seen the videos with lions but not yet the rest. Way to go Team GB!

  • gia delva


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