In this enchanting game from KISS Publishing Ltd, you’ll design your very own Pooka – a furry friend who’ll help you save the world from the Gloom invasion that’s destroying the land!

With over 180 different Pooka parts to collect, the Pooka you create and nurture will be truly unique. Together you’ll adventure across the magical Otherworld, cleansing the toxic Gloom to help the plants and wildlife thrive. Cool!

Did you know?

The word Pooka comes from Irish mythology and means a hobgoblin or sprite able to take on the form of various animals!


Take a peek at the game!

Pooka Magic and Mischief

Summon shapeshifting spells and magical guardians!

Pooka Magic and Mischief

Complete quests and win rewards!

Pooka Magic and Mischief

Bring pals into the game in the multiplayer mode!


Create crazy characters!

Pooka Magic and Mischief

In the Pooka character creation system there are billions of combinations and styles. Check out some of them here. What will your Pooka look like?


When customising your Pooka’s look, remember you can add two or three sets of eyes, ears and noses!


Tips and tricks!

Become a Pooka pro with these handy hints…

– Walking across Gloom will make you dirty and restrict your magic power! Remember to always clean your Pooka in the Den.

 Visit Merlyn the Owl to learn about the secrets of Otherworld! Check your Map, Quest Log and unlock Pookanomicon pages by completing Adventure Quests.

 Unlock more magical abilities by collecting pages of the Ancient Pookanomicon book!

 Remember to customise your Magic in the Den. You can change the style and look of all your spells including the Elemental Guardians you summon for each element.

 Add friends using your friend code to summon them into your game and earn special bonuses together!


Win a 32GB iPad!

Pooka Magic and Mischief

For your chance to win a brilliant 32GB iPad, we want you to show us your Pooka! Either take a screenshot of the Pooka you’ve created in the game, or use your imagination to draw one. Our favourite Pooka will scoop this prize!

Click here to enter the competition!


Pooka: Magic and Mischief is free from the App Store and Google Play.

Suitable for ages 9+



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