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Gather the clues to match your cool NG Kids stickers to their environment on your NG Kids poster!

Have you heard about our exciting new partnership with Fruit Bowl? Together, we’ve hidden amazing NG Kids animal stickers inside packets of Fruit Bowl fruit snacks, and that’s not all, because we’ll also be putting awesome double-sided posters for you to display them on in issues of NG Kids!

Measure yourself against some of the world’s most powerful animals on the creature height chart, or flip your poster over and cover match your stickers to their regions!

And just in case you need a bit of help, we’ve put together some cool clues to make sure you match your stickers up to the right regions. Check them out, below!


African elephant

African elephants are the largest living land mammals – which narrows things down a bit – but they’re also herbivores who eat lots of roots, grasses, fruit and bark. Hint, hint!

Amur tiger

Don’t let that snowy background fool you, although they live in very cold areas of the world like northern Russia, the adorable Amur tiger likes the cover and camouflage provided by forests.

Arctic ground squirrel

Arctic ground squirrels live in huge colonies. They particularly like grassy meadows where they can dig deep burrows for the whole family.

ng kids stickers

Arctic hare

As this chilly picture suggests, the Arctic hare lives in a pretty chilly region! It is often called the “polar rabbit” – that’s one heck of a clue for you!


Armadillos like to dig burrows in the ground with their huge claws, feeding on ants and plants, can you guess which region it belongs to?

Atlantic white-sided dolphin

We don”t reckon you need too much of a clue for this one! These super swimmers love surfing in the waves made by the front of boats.

ng kids stickers

Bald uakari

These little chaps lives high up in the trees of Brazil and Peru. Woodland and water are their friends – can you guess where it lives yet?


Bison are grazers, they need huge amounts of grass to much on throughout the day, any ideas yet?

Blue shark

We don’t reckon the blue shark will take you too much guesswork. They prefer the world’s temperate and tropical waters.

ng kids stickers

Blue whale

Blue wales are larger than any dinosaur and are found in every ocean except the Arctic – there’s a pretty big clue for you!


Blunthead tree snake

Being tree snakes they need lots of, well, trees – and prefer moist and damp environments. Any guesses?



Cheetahs are the fastest land animals on Earth, and with all that running power, they need big open spaces to use it in. Get the hint?

ng kids stickers


These cheeky chimps love to swing from trees and feast on fruit, insects and leaves – can you guess where they live?


Chocolate chip starfish

Unfortunately not actually covered in chocolate chips – we reckon you’ll be able to work this little reef dweller’s habitat out for yourself!



From the same family as the octopus and the squid, can you work out where they live?

ng kids stickers


The world’s biggest cows, you’ll find them grazing in the mountain forests of India, Southeast Asia and Malaysia!


Giant anteater

Awesome anteaters can fall into two categories on your chart – the process of elimination is your friend, here!


Golden lion tamarin

Golden lion tamarins have long fingers that help them to climb trees and snare insects, fruit, lizards and birds. Can you think of a habitat that sounds like that?

ng kids stickers

Green anaconda

This non-venomous snake can be rather slow on land, but is super stealthy in water! They like slow-moving streams found in tropical areas of the world. Can you guess where it goes yet?!


Green sea turtle

The clue’s in the name with this one!


Grey crowned crane

These birds need lots of grass to build their nests – we’ll let you work out the rest!

ng kids stickers

Harp seal

Harp seals call the cold, hard Arctic sea ice their home – that should narrow things down a bit!


Great hornbill

Great hornbills need lots of tall trees to build their nests, can you think of somewhere on your poster like that?


Keel-billed toucan

Did you know keel-billed toucans lay their eggs in tree holes? They live in flocks of 6-12 birds high in the trees… What habitat can you think of that’s rich in forest?

ng kids stickers


We reckon this one will be easy for all your wildlife buffs out there! Lions live on vast drylands where they can get a good view of the land around them.


Lion’s mane jellyfish

Lions mane jellyfish like icy waters – can you guess where they live?



The lynx mainly live in northern regions of the globe, hence why they’re often pictured slinking through snow! They live in densely covered areas that allow them to hunt unnoticed…

ng kids stickers


Ostriches like large open land where they can run at speeds up to 70kmph!



They might be called macaroni penguins but they don’t live anywhere near Italy! Can you guess from the snowy picture where you might find them?


Poison dart frog

You’ll find these critters in trees, under leaves and logs – get the hint?

ng kids stickers

Polar bear

The clue’s in the name with this one!


Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkeys are native to the jungles of Borneo, can you put them in the right habitat?



This fishy fellow lives in the big blue sea – we think you know where to put him!

ng kids stickers

Red-eyed tree frog

Can you guess where this vibrant little chap comes from? Bright green he easily blends in with his lush, green habitat!



You might associate these cute creatures with Santa, his elves and the North Pole. That’s got to be the biggest clue so far!



The Atlantic Sailfish is native to the Atlantic, funnily enough!

ng kids stickers


Scorpions are commonly thought of as desert-dwellers, but you might be surprised to learn that you can also find them hiding under logs and rocks in forest areas!


Sea otter

We think you’ll be able to work this one out pretty quickly!



The fearsome great white shark is famous for being one of the biggest predators in the sea. This one’s an easy sticker to place!

ng kids stickers

Slow loris

The slow loris spends most of its time foraging for small insects and fruit in the tropical habitat they call home.


Sun bear

These adorable beats are the real-life version of honey-loving Winnie-the-Pooh. They love tropical forests full of delicious honeycombs and honey!


Snowy owl

Typically found in chilly, northern regions of the world, can you guess where on your poster to place it?

ng kids stickers

Southern elephant seal

Southern elephant seals breed on land but spend their winters huting fish and squid in the freezing waters near the Antarctic pack ice – brrr!


Spotted hyena

Hyenas can be found in a range of habitats, but if you’ve ever seen the Lion King, you’ll associate them with the large open plains of Africa.



Stoats like woodlands and open areas with plenty of shrubs and hedges to hide behind! Can you think of somewhere like that?

ng kids stickers

Three-spined stickleback

These little fish, nicknamed “tiddlers”, are often found in rivers, ponds and lakes, but you might also find them splashing in the sea!


Wandering albatross

Albatross spend the majority of their time gliding over the sea, snapping up fish and squid from the surface of the water and only going on land to mate.



Zebra are grazers and constantly on the look out for green pastures that they can munch on! That’s a pretty big clue, gang!

ng kids stickers

Make sure you check out our Fruit Bowl section for more fruity animal fun!




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