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Savage Kingdom Nat Geo Wild

Will the ageing lion king Sekekama hold onto his territory? Has the leopard prince Neo inherited enough talent from his mother to survive? How will the lions of the Northern Pride wreak their revenge on Queen Matsumi? Leaders will rise and others will fall. No one is safe in the Savage Kingdom. The winners are rewarded with the richest hunting grounds in the kingdom while the losers are forced into exile…

The Enemy Within

Sunday 3 December | 6 P.M.

Savage Kingdom Nat Geo Wild

Lion Sekekama, the undisputed leader of the Marsh Pride, must contend with his three eldest sons who are hungry for power. On the outskirts of their territory, the Northern Pride is preparing for revenge against its sworn enemy. Meanwhile, the kingdom’s deadliest leopard, Saba, works tirelessly to make sure that her only son follows in her footsteps.


First Blood

Sunday 10 December | 6 P.M.

Savage Kingdom Nat Geo Wild

Neo must prepare for life as a solitary hunter, after his mother was seriously injured while ghting for their “fortress”. Pressure mounts as Neo grows stronger and his own father, Dark Eyes, wants him out. Meanwhile, on the edges of the marsh, the vengeful Northern Queens suffer a cruel blow to their growing pride when their drifter king returns.


Reign of Traitors

Sunday 17 December | 6 P.M.

Savage Kingdom Nat Geo Wild

The Marsh pride reaches its breaking point as Sekekama struggles to suppress the rebellion of his three treacherous sons and protect his kingdom. As the Great Marsh withers in the grip of the dry season, Zalika, the hyena queen, raises new troops to prepare for her moment of triumph. And the vagabond Pale Pack of wild dogs fights for survival, driven to desperate lengths for food.


King Slayers

Sunday 24 December | 6 P.M.

Savage Kingdom Nat Geo Wild

The Marsh Pride’s ageing king, Sekekama, is forced to lead his family into hostile territory on a mission to save them from a vicious drought gripping the kingdom. His great gamble leads him into a struggle against rivals old and new. But his control over one treacherous son will determine Sekekama’s hold on power and the future of his own legacy.


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