Join Max, the National Geographic Kids time-travelling mouse, as he ventures off on a Viking longboat!




Comic by Gary Northfield


  • Madison

    That is awesome It was like I was in the comic!

  • kelsey

    make more comics

  • Cobbler

    You should make more comics, they were so cool at the same time learning facts for kids

  • k man


  • k man

    Good website it helped me a lot I think schools should use it thank you best website ever!!!!

  • Jinx

    Jinx. Anyone like Vikings?

  • alex


  • Harish

    love it so much

  • teet

    PLS do another comic strip if you do THX

  • JaJa

    Wow thx so much



  • BOB1213ijsaf

    Cool ans nice

  • Meagan2208

    Very cool

  • daniel


  • lorrained

    I tink its funny

Efteling winter

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