Prepare to be astonished, gang…

Monster Bike!

Can you imagine trying to lift TEN washing machines! Heavy, huh? Well, gang – that”s the weight of of Wouter van den Bosch’s bicycle! At 750g, this wacky wheeler is officially the heaviest rideable pedal bike in the world! Ready, steady, heave…!


Parrot shoots hoops!

Do you like basketball? Then you’d better watch out for Zac the harlequin macaw! Owned by Julie and Ed Cardoza from San Jose in the USA, this colourful creature holds the wold record for the most basketballs slam-dunked by a parrot in a minute! Check him out in action… 


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  • Rachel

    that tire is huge

  • super cool

  • wow

  • Impossible !parrot is soooo intelligent

  • Eva

    Did he make that by himself ? If he did how did he lift the tire and where does he put it and how would he stand it up ???

  • Nik21

    That's so cool I never knew that

  • IZZY


  • Isaac.k

    Absolutely neat!!

  • Audrey

    That is like so cool

  • me


  • Galaxi


  • Kate

    Soooooooo cool!!!!!

  • Hannah

    I just wrote about the parrot who is good at shooting hoops

  • Madison

    I love it

  • Sam

    Wow it is amazing I wish I did that wow

  • shana

    that parrot is so cool !!!

  • Robyn

    I hope one day i'm in the Guinness World Records........

  • ivania

    i like it...

  • BarneyTaylor887


  • Jellybean 1

    Wow amazing bird but I could not watch the other video because it would not load

  • paige

    how do you do them?

  • paige


  • tiiger

    very coool

  • hobo66

    I didnt like it I loved it its amazing ho the bird slam dunks the basket very nice!

  • burgerwizard123

    wow love the gwr vids plzz keep them going

  • camilla

    wow I luv it please please please please can we have loads more of these animal vids thankz

  • EllieD


  • lbug7

    i love this more than the cool bugs! i like them to

  • kyla

    I would love to see more videos on animals. mostly rainforest animals! please make more rainforest animal videos

  • leopardrose

    I liked the parrot most

  • Keyah

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen

  • Sparks


  • kameron


  • Dubai_girl


  • Nicolette


  • Shishishi

    Aw zac is very talented Im ten and in all my life I have never seen something so cool wow

  • zaviana

    very interesting wish we learned that in year 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cat lover123

    i loved these cool facts!!!

  • AmythePineappIe

    cooI I Iove parrots they are awesome

  • aan


  • 5c

    very cute

  • Sacha

    It is amazing how they taught the parrot to put the ball in the net!!!

  • Violet

    Awesome I love parrots!!

  • Shanzie


  • Chloe

    I whach oficaly amazing on tv every day so I know About lots wold records but those were outstanding !!! :) :) :) xxx

  • awsome

    that was cool

  • awsome


  • leo


  • Coral

    This is amazing I never thought you could make a bike that HUGE! !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    Nice record

  • Bryan

    Nice record

  • hhh


Magnus Chase

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