Calling all tricksters! Get ready for the funniest day of the year with these speedy April Fools’ pranks…

Hilarious April Fools’ Pranks

Egg surprise!

on a pink plates sits a blob of white yoghurt with half an orange apricot sat in it like an egg yolk. beside it are some slices of apple cut up to look like chips.

Fried egg and chips, anyone? This tasty-looking meal is actually half a tinned peach, placed in a carefully arranged blob of yoghurt, with some peeled slices of apple disguised as chips! Serve with strawberry jam ‘ketchup’, too, if you like!

Grape hunt?!

Planning an early Easter hunt? Wrap some grapes in silver foil or old sweet wrappers and hide them alongside foil-wrapped mini chocolate eggs. They’re almost the same shape and size, so the winner’s hoard may be healthier than they expected. GOTCHA!


april fools' pranks | a white bowl of orange cornflakes covered with milk, with a spoon sticking out

Prepare a bowl of cereal with milk and a spoon, and then put it in the freezer overnight. When you serve it to your victim the next morning, the spoon will be stuck solid in the frozen milk and they won’t be able to eat it. You rascal!

Feet don’t fit!

For a really annoying prank, shove some scrunched up newspaper, tissue or old socks into the bottom of your folks’ work shoes. When they try to put them on, their feet won’t fit. Oh no! Another classic April Fools’ prank is tying someone’s shoelaces together. Naughty!

Jelly juice!

april fools' pranks | two glasses of orange juice standing next to eachother with green paper straws in

Ask an adult to help you whip up some orange or green jelly. Pour it into clear drinking glasses and add a paper straw. Then leave to set. In the morning, offer someone a glass of juice – and give them the jelly instead! They’ll never be able to slurp that through the straw.

April Fools’ Day facts

Now you’ve got your April Fools’ pranks prepared, it’s time to learn about this silly celebration! Wow your friends and family with these five facts…

  1. 1. All over the world, April Fools’ Day is celebrated on 1 April. But no one really knows how the tradition of playing pranks started! Some historians date it back to an Ancient Roman festival called Hilaria, which was held at the end of March.
  2. 2. This silly day might seem like a time to abandon all rules but, like most traditions, it has its own superstitions. Make sure you play your pranks by midday, otherwise the joke’s on YOU!
  3. 3. In France, 1 April is known as poisson d’avril, or ‘April Fish‘! There, a common April Fools’ prank is to attach a paper fish to a friend’s back without them noticing. Sneaky!
  4. 4. On 1 April, 1957, the BBC released a fake documentary which showed Swiss farmers harvesting pasta from ‘spaghetti trees‘. You can still watch it online today!
  5. 5. Many news outlets and shops play jokes to celebrate April Fools’ Day. So, pay extra attention to anything you read on this funny day – it might not be what it seems!

Tell us your favourite April Fools’ pranks in the comments below!




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  • April fools pranks are creative, and fun to watch!

  • bob

    they are really good i am going to do them at my summer camp

  • Alexa

    I think April Fools day is actually pretty funny. Hopefully no one's parents ground them for pranking them or a sibling. :)

  • Yasmina

    I think it is funny

  • Very funny

  • NRB

    So good. Pranked my sister soooo hard.

  • Anna

    ngl amazing ideas

  • shyla wall

    i have to bo all of them

  • Eli

    i will do these pranks

  • lion

    So funny!

  • bobby

    thats funny

  • KQ

    I think that they are some great tricks to do on your parents!! Bye! Bye! NGK

  • buddy

    good one

  • india

    i will get me brothers will every single one of these thanks

  • Evelyn

    AMAZING!!!!!! I did not know this.It's so cool. peace out EVELYN

  • Cara

    Lol! I pranked by brother. so funny!

  • M

    So funny

  • meep

    wow cool pranks

  • Mila

    That is so good I so doing some of them! I’m gonna get my brother good next year.

  • Brooklynn

    Love it

  • Daisy

    I did the cereal prank on my dad it was so funny

  • very cool

  • Emma

    I am definitely going to do them on my brother!

  • Sophia

    I think that is really good

  • KL

    I will cross my heart to do it to my annoying brother. Revenge!

  • indy

    i saw those in my NGK mag. soooooooo funny! note to my brother: move out, ollie, or you'll get tricked!

  • April Fools pranks can be a fun way to bring some laughter and light-heartedness into our lives. However, it's important to remember that pranks should never be hurtful or harmful to others. It's always a good idea to consider the feelings of the person you're pranking and make sure they're comfortable with the joke before going through with it. With a bit of creativity and sensitivity, April Fools' pranks can be a harmless and enjoyable way to celebrate the spirit of the day.

  • This was fun

  • Great pranks

  • superstar


  • Ella

    Funny my sisters are going down they also hate April falls day so that will be easier

  • Mila

    That is so cool I am so doing that on my brother!

  • Rory

    Exelaint but did you know in Scotland for April 1st we replace the milk in the our bowl with slime!

  • DRF


  • Bella

    Cool pranks

  • Idk

    I love the one where you freeze the breakfast overnight.

  • Koala girl

    oh my gosh these are so funny next year I'm gonna ask my parents if I can do the cereal one on my sister because she loves honey nut cheerios I might also ask to do the juice one on my sister because she kind of likes juice.

  • Lucy

    I loved the grape hunt prank! I tried this, and my sister seemed so surprised!

  • Bax

    Siblings watch out

  • john pork

    i like the easter egg one when you put gold wrappers on a grape and hide them !!!

  • Don't come over to my house if you don't want to get tricked. (My sister is going down next year)

  • syd

    my siblings are going down

  • Anna joseph

    The egg prank was soooooooooooo funny.

  • Lacey

    Realy tricky

  • alexeatimms

    I will try one of them next year

  • Yuri


  • superstar

    These pranks are brilliant! I'm using them on my brother! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • milky

    sooooooooooooooooooo funny !

  • saanvi

    it is soo fun

  • Nico


  • POW!!!

    my siblings better watch out! (there going down next year)

  • ME


  • PreppyPrepGrll

    This is hilarious! This comment is also for anyone working at National Geographic reading this! You guys rock! Thanks for posting this and keeping me with straight A's. Your always my homework/project topic!

  • Arielle

    i love thease i would do this all the time

  • kyle


  • Best April fools pranks.

  • Daisy

    Cool thanks for the tips

  • lily

    great! i will definitely try them at home

  • Mic

    Thank you I'm doing one of those things to my brother

  • majmahwv

    i love the first one!


    The pranks are very funny and fantastic! I love April fools day!!!!!!

  • Miles


  • p r e p p y

    fantastic prank ideas! thanks for all the creativity in your magazines and ideas for helping animals, I really appreciate it. keep up the good work, national geographic kids! ✨

  • VOID


  • I love this

  • isabel

    These april fools pranks are amazing

  • Hayley


  • PresLee

    i can't wait for more!!!!!

  • AvA

    I recommend the Junior subscription! They have lots of sneaky pranks like these :)

  • Ava

    funny and informinitive

  • Tess ryan


  • #Gabigail

    Hi Nat geo these pranks a so awesome my fave one is the jelly juice or the frozen cereal one and also i didnt know that in france they call april fools day poisson d’avril. I am a big fan of you guys. :)

  • Eileen

    It looks funny for my brother

  • James


  • Sharky

    I did the frozen cereal prank but with porridge instead

  • surfing 260

    These are great !

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    Thanks they were funny I pull all of them on my family lol

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    these are the best pranks to do on april foools day thank you so much

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    I'm so so so gonna use them!

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    These pranks are #awesome!

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