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Country: South Africa

Hope Works Project resources: Inspiring hope in children

Show children that they have the power to positively influence the world around them…

Facts about Mars

How much do you know about the Red Planet?
Real Play MPU

Five Top Conservation Tips!

How can you help save our planet?
  • QUIZ

    Who is the longest-reigning British monarch?
General Entertainment

National Geographic brings season two of Mars!

Life on the “Red Planet”

Emperor penguins: skilled survivors

Discover the characteristics and behaviour of the emperor penguin

North and South Poles primary resource

An introduction to the environments of the Arctic and Antarctic

Extreme weather makeovers

Discover how the weather changes the way that some animals look

English writing framework (winter story)

Practise using different word classes, tenses and plural

Christmas Quiz Primary Resource

Download our fun quiz about all things Christmas!

Christmas around the world primary resource

Discover how different countries across the globe celebrate Christmas

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