This sticky science experiment creates a fab fountain that looks just like a geyser – a natural spring of water that shoots out of the earth’s surface!

Geyser science experiment

Always do this experiment outdoors and ask an adult for permission before you start.

What you’ll need…

A bottle of fizzy pop
Two pieces of A4 card
A tube of mints (Mentos work best) 

Step 1

Go into the garden, put the bottle of pop on the ground and take off the lid. Make sure there’s lots of space around!

Step 2

Now, cut one of the pieces of card in half and roll it into a tube shape a little bit smaller than the neck of the bottle and secure with a small piece of tape.

Step 3

Next, cut a strip about 10cm wide and 15cm long and place it over the top of the bottle. Then, hold the cardboard tube on top, making sure it’s directly above the opening of the bottle.

Step 4

Unwrap the mints and carefully drop them into the tube. Now, quickly pull out the at piece of card so that all the mints drop into the bottle/fizzy pop.

How does it work?

Fizzy drinks contain a gas called carbon dioxide that has been forced into the bottle under pressure – that’s why you hear that hissing sound when you open the bottle. The carbon dioxide makes bubbles and when the mints are added they start to dissolve and release gum arabic and gelatin into the liquid. These chemicals make the bubbles expand so quickly that the liquid is forced out of the top of the bottle, making a fountain!

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    Very cool website want to see more

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