Herbs make a tasty addition to cooking, and what could be better than using your very own homegrown herbs? Learn how to make a herb garden in five easy steps…

How to make a herb garden

How to grow a herb garden

What you’ll need:

Coloured paper and card


Felt-tip pens

Used pull-top tin can

Sticky tape

PVA glue

Herb seeds, such as chives, coriander or basil

Small stones or pebbles

Potting soil

Craft stick


Step 1

How to grow a herb garden

Remove the tin can’s labels, then wash and dry the empty can. Cut enough coloured paper to fit around the outside of the can, plus an extra 2cm so that it overlaps at the join.

Step 2

How to grow a herb garden

Cut a ‘grass’ pattern out of a piece of green paper and then glue it onto the strip of coloured card.

Step 3

How to grow a herb garden

Next, use your felt-tip pens to draw on some flowers! Wrap the decorated card around the tin and then secure it with a strip of sticky tape.

Step 4

How to grow a herb garden

Place a layer of stones in the bottom of the can for drainage, then add the potting soil until the can is two-thirds full. Then, press a few seeds into the pot, cover with a little more soil and lightly water.

Step 5

How to grow a herb garden

To make a label for your pot, cut out a shape from the coloured card, write on the name of the herb, then use sticky tape to attach it to a craft stick and put it in the soil. Finally, place your pot in a sunny spot and wait for your herbs to grow!

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