Learn how to make pom-pom puffs in this fun and easy guide. Plan your next party with paper pom-pom decorations instead of balloons! Why? Balloons released into the air or left outside can end up in the ocean, where they might entangle animals or be mistaken for food.

What you’ll need:

8 sheets of equal-size tissue paper in your favourite colours. (Bigger tissue paper will make bigger pom-poms.)
1 craft pipe cleaner
String (optional)

8 sheets of tissue paper stacked together

1) Stack 8 sheets of tissue paper together. (You can use the same colour or mix it up.)

Rolling up tissue paper

2) Fold the tissue paper back and forth in 1-inch sections like an accordion. Press each fold firmly.

Tying up tissue paper with pipe cleaner

3) Wrap the pipe cleaner around the centre of the folded tissue-paper stack, then twist the pipe cleaner to secure it. Trim the pipe cleaner with scissors anf then wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around itself so the wire doesn’t poke out.

Tying up the tissue paper part 2

4) Cut both ends of the tissue paper stack into rounded, pointed, or frilly shapes.

Cutting the ends of the tissue paper

5) Flip the tissue-paper stack on its side, then separate each layer of paper one at a time, pulling the paper up and toward the centre.

Fanning out tissue paper
Pulling out the tissue
Pulling out the tissue 2

6) If you want to hang your pom-pom, loop a piece of string to the centre pipe cleaner and knot it in place. Use this string to attach your pom-pom to the ceiling or another fixture.

Tissue paper finished result

Photo credits — NG Staff

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