Get ready for epic battles as the deadliest animals on the planet fight for food, territory, mates and survival…

Deadliest Week Ever National Geographic WILD

War of the Carnivores | 8 April | 6 p.m.

Carnivores are designed to kill – but what happens when the deadliest go head to head?

Fangs of Fury | 8 April | 6.48 p.m.

Fierce predators with a mean set of jaws are on the hunt.

Rivers of Death | 9 April | 6 p.m.

Rivers bring life, but they also bring death…

Tropic Thunder | 9 April | 6.48 p.m.

In tropical regions around the world, deadly hunters are lurking everywhere.

Ice Cold Killers | 10 April | 6 p.m.

From polar bears to leopard seals, take a look at predators that hunt in frozen conditions.

Kings of the North | 10 April | 6.48 p.m.

In this part of the world, predators aren’t the only animals that are dangerous…


Africa’s Deadliest: Botswana

Deadliest Week Ever National Geographic WILD

The Fast and the Furious | 11 April | 6 p.m.

For creatures living amongst Africa’s deadliest animals, danger is everywhere…

Masters of Intimidation | 12 April | 6 p.m.

Meet the “Botswana Bullies”who roam the battlegrounds of the Kalahari.

Cut Throat |13 April | 6 p.m.

Fierce families fight others – and even amongst themselves – to survive.


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