For generations, kings and queens have ruled the bountiful Eden of Mombo, but now a new age of terror is dawning.

Mmamotse, commander of the hyena army, has stolen the throne. Her rotten army spreads fear, as the lions plot their revenge. Even the untouchable leopard Pula struggles to safeguard her legacy. As rising waters bring warring factions closer together, all the animals prepare for battle. When darkness reigns, only the strongest will survive.

Following the success of Savage Kingdom and Savage Kingdom: Uprising, get ready for the third instalment of National Geographic Wild’s global hit – Savage Kingdom III: After the Fall.

Using innovative techniques that continue to push the boundaries of wildlife storytelling, Savage Kingdom III follows a new clan of characters in Africa’s richest and most dynamic habitat – the Okavango Delta. Along with the familiar blood-curdling battles between leopards, lions, hyenas and wild dogs, we meet new characters such as cheetahs, jackals and baboons. They may once have been reviled, pitied or seen as the cruelest of enemies, but in each new episode everything can change. The only law is the law of survival…


Episode 1 | Dawn of Darkness

The rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions, but an exiled queen is desperate to win back the throne for the Matahta Pride. Pula, the leopard ruler of the dark heart of the Kingdom, is forced to make a terrible choice between true love and her own future. And a wandering vagrant is lured in by the promise of paradise, only to find herself trapped in a deadly hell!


Episode 2 | Reign of Terror

National Geographic Wild Savage Kingdom 3: cheetah

Trapped by the rising flood waters, Dikeledi must teach her cubs the lessons of survival. But this brutal Kingdom is no place for a gentle cheetah family. The clan of hyenas have taken control, but there is one foe that will not lie down and tolerate their tyranny – the formidable Makulu Pack of wild dogs


Episode 3 | Rise of Exiles

National Geographic Wild Savage Kingdom 3: two lions in the savannah

After the murder of one of their own, the Makulu Pack of wild dogs looks to a new leader for salvation. The Western Pride is exiled to the fringes of the Kingdom as they fight to protect their cubs from enemies on all sides. But as the marauding hyena clan commits the cruelest of acts, their ferocious commander Mmamotse reveals her soft side…


Episode 4 | War Games

National Geographic Wild Savage Kingdom 3: mother leopard carrying cub in mouth

Mmamotse’s hyena army has run rampant, but her legacy now depends on a princess stepping up to the throne. As the flood waters retreat, Dikeledi readies her cheetah cubs for escape, but she must risk crossing enemy territory. And a run in with the Matahta Pride brings things into focus for Pula, as she begins training her young assassin.


Episode 5 | Fall of the Queen

National Geographic Wild Savage Kingdom 3: cheetah illuminated by the sun

A mother’s love is tested to its limits when Pula has to leave her young cub alone in the Kingdom. The Matahta and Western lion prides vie for supremacy, as their king finally reveals his devious plan. With the Makulu Pack training its latest recruits, Kitso prepares to wage war on the hyena’s reign of terror, while queen Mmamotse faces revolt from within her own clan


Episode 6 | Ascendancy

After the death of her mother, Motshidi is starving and alone. In a terrifying reunion with her father she has everything to lose, but Blue Eyes takes pity. A violent traitor brings an end to Mmamotse’s rule and the Makulu Pack make one last stand as the battle for supremacy begins. But with the hyenas gone, it’s up to Sega to lead the Matahta Pride to victory.


Catch Savage Kingdom 3 from Sunday 2 June at 6 P.M. on National Geographic WILD!

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