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General History

The Great Fire of London Facts

Discover the fierce flames that changed London forever…
General History

Awesome Anglo-Saxon facts!

Check out these cool facts about the fierce Anglo-Saxons…
General History

British Empire facts!

Discover the full story behind this important piece of world history…
  • QUIZ

    What is the largest species of bird?
General History

The life of Nelson Mandela

Discover the world-famous human rights activist who became South Africa’s first black president…
General History

Aboriginal Australian Culture!

Explore Aboriginal Australian Culture, one of the oldest in the world!
General History

The life of Anne Frank

Learn all about Anne Frank and her world-famous diary…
General History

Twenty top Titanic facts

Discover the fate of this infamous ship…
General Animals

Extinct Animals…

Meet some very special species whose existence came to a tragic end…

Queen Victoria’s children

Learn about the sons and daughters of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert…
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