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Find fun and exciting teaching ideas and pupil-focused resource sheets aligned with the National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

We’ve provided teacher support to show which areas of the curriculum each individual primary resource covers. The primary resources themselves are written in the tone of National Geographic Kids Magazine; where learning and education reflects the joy of exploration.


Queen Elizabeth I primary resource

Learn all about the life of Queen Elizabeth I

Guy Fawkes primary resource

Discover more about the failed Gunpowder Plot on the Houses of Parliament in 1605
LEGO SA star wars MPU

Second World War Primary resource

Discover how WWII changed society in Britain at the time
  • QUIZ

    Which planet has the most moons?

War Horses: WWI primary resource

Discover more about how these animal heroes helped soldiers in World War I

Day of the Dead cooking primary resource

Decorate a vegetable pizza to look like a Mexican sugar skull

First World War primary resource

Explore events from the First World War at home and abroad

First World War Comic

Learn about the war effort at home and abroad and how it changed British society

Giant Panda Rescue: primary resource

Explore the needs of giant pandas and the threats they face in the wild

Ada Lovelace primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the ‘computer programmer’ this Ada Lovelace Day

Leopard primary resource

Discover how leopards live, hunt and fend off competition from other predators


Ancient Egyptians primary resource

Discover some of the Ancient Egyptians’ greatest achievements

Rainforests of life: Geography resource

Explore the rainforests’ positive ecological impacts on the Earth

Endangered tiger: Science primary resource

Discover how a Siberian tiger cub was rescued and rehabilitated

Meet the Vikings primary resource

Learn all about the legendary warriors and their way of life

Romans primary resource

Discover the secrets of the Roman Empire and life in Ancient Rome

All about weather: primary resource

Explore different types of weather and the impact they can have on the environment

North and South Poles primary resource

An introduction to the environments of the Arctic and Antarctic

Ancient Greeks primary resource

Learn about life under Ancient Greek rule in this fun comic strip

Deep ocean ecosystem primary resource

Find out more about the deepest part of the ocean

Space facts primary resource

Understand more about our solar system with these fun facts!

Roald Dahl: English primary resource

Discover interesting facts about the children’s author

Emperor penguins: skilled survivors

Discover the characteristics and behaviour of the emperor penguin

Asian elephants primary resource

Explore the environment and habitats of Asian elephants and the problems they face

Volcanoes of Ecuador primary resource

Learn about the features of volcanoes and how they come to exist

Anglo Saxons primary resource

Explore the secrets that artifacts reveal about the Anglo Saxons

Snakes primary resource

Discover some surprising facts about different snakes from around the world

Spelling resource: Squares word scramble

Practise spelling words by thinking about common word structures

Sea turtle: Science primary resource

Discover how marine rescue organisations help sea turtles in trouble

Save our sharks primary resource

Learn about the some of the rarest UK shark species

Pirate board game

Enjoy ‘The Buccaneer’s Battle’, a pirate-themed board game

Wolf language and communication

Explore how wolves use their voices, body language and odour to talk to one another

Forces of Nature: Weather primary resource

Learn about the diversity of different types of weather and the impact it can have on the environment

Shapes primary resource: Maths art

Learn how to use lines to create shapes and patterns

Life in the rainforest primary resource

Discover the animals, insects, plants and people that make the African rainforest their home

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