Cool gifts for cool kids

Looking for some cool new gifts for Crimbo?! Look no further than the Nat Geo Kids Christmas gift guide... We've handpicked 16 awesome gifts that we know our readers will love, from brilliant books and board games to cool craft kits and puzzles. Let's make this Christmas the best yet!

Brainbox: Animals

Why we love it: BrainBox is a fun memory and observation card game which tests your eye for detail. What can you remember in just 10 seconds?! This animal edition of the game features polar bears, pumas, tapirs, tigers and many more.
How much? £13.00 | Where can I buy it? John Lewis


Matchbox Seedballs

Why we love it: A perfect gift for nature lovers! Support all kinds of wonderful wildlife with these beautifully illustrated seed boxes. This set of six contains flower and plant seeds to attract and welcome bees, butterflies, beetles, hedgehogs, bats and birds to your garden, yard or patio.
How much? £15.00 | Where can I buy it?

NG Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Why we love it: An exciting, hands-on adventure for budding palaeontologists! Get digging, scraping and brushing with the tools provided to discover a T.Rex tooth within the dig brick. You’ll also unearth a genuine coprolite (that’s dino poop!) fossil on your epic excavation mission!
How much? £13.00 | Where can I buy it? Argos



Why we love it: In this fast and frantic game, players race against each other to build crossword grids. No pencil, paper or board required! You'll have a bunch of fun as you race to finish by using all of your letter tiles first. And check this out - it comes in a small banana-shaped pouch, perfect for playing on the go!
How much? £15.99 | Where can I buy it? Waterstones


Orbiting Solar System

Why we love it: Super fun and super educational, this cool kit allows you to build your own mechanical solar system. No batteries required, simply follow the instructions to build the model using snap-together pieces - then wind it up and watch as the planets orbit the sun!
How much? £29.99 | Where can I buy it? Thames & Kosmos

Flybar Pogo Stick

Why we love it: A fab gift to get kids outdoors and exercising – and guaranteed to provide an endless amount of fun! Flybar has a range of pogo sticks suitable for kids of all ages. The pogo sticks come in all kinds of different colours, too!
How much? £13.00 - £50.00 | Where can I buy it? Skate Hut


Why we love it: The smash-hit observation game where players race to match the identical symbol between cards. Reliant on a sharp eye and quick reflexes, Dobble creates excitement for children and adults alike while keeping every player involved in the action!
How much? £12.99 | Where can I buy it? Waterstones


Draw 50 Animals

Why we love it: A brilliant gift for budding young artists. This book shows you how to draw 50 animals using step-by-step methods and clear instructions. Learn how to bring all kinds of creatures to life on the page – from tiny garden critters to majestic jungle kings!
How much? £6.99 | Where can I buy it? Hobbycraft

My First Giant Bubble Kit

Why we love it: Complete with eco-friendly bubble mix, rope and wands, this cool kit has everything you need to enjoy hours of outdoor bubbling fun! Plus, you’ll get to discover top tips and tricks for making mind-blowing, ginormous bubbles!
How much? £20.99 | Where can I buy it?

Human Body

Why we love it: Learn all about the human body! This fun, interactive kit includes a fascinating fact book and a model body - complete with skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. What's more, there are forceps and tweezers, so you can remove and inspect the 9 vital organs!
How much? £19.99 | Where can I buy it? Mulberry Bush

Where Are You?

Why we love it: These personalised books take you on a unique search-and-find adventure, where you’re looking for…yourself! Kids will enjoy heaps of quirky fun, completing different challenges and exploring six alternative universes - spotting different versions of themselves!
How much? £27.99 | Where can I buy it?

Wooden Animal Bookmarks

Why we love it:A great little stocking filler - and the perfect gift for animal lovers or young book worms! These cute bookmarks are beautifully hand-crafted from wood, and each features a beloved UK animal – choose from a hedgehog, rabbit, sheep, mouse and more! How much? £2.25 | Where can I buy it? Gardening for Kids

Make Your Own Insect House

Why we love it: A creative craft for wildlife lovers! This kit comes with everything you need to build a home for all kinds of awesome insects. Provide a warm place for our brilliant bugs to snuggle up in winter, and a shelter for them to escape the heat during hot summer months.
How much? £12.99 | Where can I buy it? The Olive Branch

Amazing Earth Curiosity Box (Jumbo)

Why we love it: Discover the wonders of our planet and how we can help look after it! This Curiosity Box helps youngsters learn about the issues affecting the natural world (particularly climate change and pollution) through fun, fascinating, hands-on experiments and activities.
How much? £30.00 | Where can I buy it? Not on the High Street

Escape Puzzle Museum Mysteries

Why we love it:Taking you on a wild adventure at the Natural History Museum, this Escape Puzzle from Ravensburger is a jigsaw and game rolled into one! See if you can complete the 368-piece puzzle, and then “escape” by solving six mathematical riddles hidden with the jigsaw image!
How much? £11.99 | Where can I buy it? Hamleys

Nat Geo Kids Subscription

Why we love it: A Nat Geo Kids subscription is packed with fascinating facts and incredible images about the environment, animals, science, history and culture. Get a new issue through your door each and every month for an entire year!
How much? From £39.00 | Where can I buy it? SubscribeNat Geo Kids


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