Do you love wildlife? Well, the good people at Living Nature love our planet just as much as you! That’s why many of their adorable cuddly toys are made from recycled post-consumer PET plastic (used drinks bottles and other food containers that might otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans). Just look for the Naturli leaf-shaped tag. Even better, each plush comes wrapped in ethically produced, recyclable packaging. Hooray! Their huge range features all kinds of creatures, from farm animals to dinosaurs — so whether you’re into orangutans or parrots , there’s a planet-friendly playmate for you!

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1. Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas.

2. Macaws have the amazing ability to copy noises. They can even mimic including human speech.

3. The word orangutan comes from the Malay words orang hutan, meaning human of the forest.

4. A toucan’s bright orange beak is one third of the bird’s length!

5. Sleepy sloths can snooze for 18 hours a day!


When you purchase a cuddly toy and select the Animal Lover package, you’ll get a six month subscription to Nat Geo Kids plus a stainless steel water bottle!


We’re giving three readers the chance to get their hands on the brilliant bundle of six soft toys shown above!

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  • caitlin

    so cute

  • Soma H.

    I want to be a vet when i grow up my favorite animal is cats but my 2nd favorite animal is the toucan

  • s526

    i like turtles there so cute

  • Willow W

    I want to be a natralist when i grow up. I LOVE sloths. What's your favourite animal?

  • Willow W

    I do speeches in front of my class.

  • hi its cool

  • Cool! I want to have a subscription! I love the toys and I knew none of those facts and i am an animal lover!

  • OLDsmartWISEowl


  • dinosaurqueen

    Animal lover wanna win this competition

  • Giraffie

    I love learning about animals because I love animals

  • QueenCoolTortoise


  • Animal lover

    It helps me learn more about animals. I also have fun playing games and doing quizes.

  • Charlotte D

    I have a whole animal fact powerpoint!

  • Animal lover

    Animals are the greatest! I want like three zillion pets.

  • sadie

    this is so cool

  • Lol bunjk


  • Charlotte K

    I love animals!

  • Eco Warrior

    i wonder who won this

  • Oasha Alzaabi gmail

    i love this app so much it makes me learn about rainforest facts and more i even accepted the cookieees!!!!!! from :Oasha TO:NAT

  • YellowBanana24

    I am new

  • so nice

  • elephant hac


  • :] i wanna be a wildlife photographer too!!!

  • wow

  • :)


  • Tiger shark

    Hi I’m new

  • Charlotte D

    I love animals and want to be a wildlife photographer when I grow!!!!!

  • I love animals can’t wait!

  • Anty

    I love sloths and animals so I hope I’m one of the three winners. Also, good luck to everyone.

  • Anty

    I love sloths and animals so I entered. I hope I win. Good luck everyone

  • Anty

    I am so excited!



  • noice

  • Jenny


  • Natgeo kids fan

    I would like to enter this competition but I am to busy.

  • Nice

  • D

    Multimillion times hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • Super red panda girl

  • Super red panda girl

    I am so entering this

  • Super Red panda girl

    Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lionfan800


  • cookie bannana

    I love sloths so I entered the competition! I hope i'm one of the three winners.

  • cookie bannana

    I entered the competition because love sloths! I hope i'm one of the three winners.

  • cookie bannana

  • kk

  • Marine bean

    Ocean vibes!


    I am new as well

  • monkey

    i am new to

  • PotterHead_123

    Can't wait to enter!

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  • Fnaf_lover24

    Hello… I’m new here

  • Ginny weasly


  • maria

  • loona2009chonte


  • sienna99


  • sienna99

  • fire the amezing

    so awesome and sooooo cute

  • animal123

    They are sooo cute!

  • StarFox

    So awesome

  • Canycorn

    I want to win!!!



  • Lionlover

    I’m not entering but I wish I could!

  • Impia


  • Impia

    I’ve just entered it!

  • annabeth chase


  • Alice Silva

    I love the stufd anmals!!!

  • Edward

  • MariamRodriguez


  • Love Nat geo kids


  • Mayu


  • Munchies

  • Cutie

    I hope I win Good luck everyone!!! ^v^

  • Very good

  • Monty9

    Epic definitely entering

  • Monty9

    Same i’M entering!!,,,,!!!

  • Daisy

    Sooooooo coool

  • Katie

    So fun

  • awesomehamsterlover

    i'm definitely entering!

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  • Lilly

    Wow I am definitely going to enter

  • Axolotlover17

    I need a Living Nature Plushies

  • Ekio

  • Beth


  • so cool ! I'm going to enter

    coo! epic!

  • Lydia


  • AnimalLover333

    Living Nature plushies are the best

  • Tram


  • zakiatanvir

  • MrDodgerMan

  • Kiki

    Soo awesome to save our planet

  • Colbie

    I can’t wait to use this app

  • Phoebe

    I can not wait

  • Phoebe

    So excited!

  • Eva

    Awwww that’s cute

  • vetrosa

    I know I don't mind if I don't get chosen out of the three but I bet that lots of the posters are amazing. by the way don't you all absolutely love the magazines there amazing dont you think! Same I did my poster about a toucan to What if only toucan posters wone a prize that would be so funny.

  • Giraffelover

    Such good fun drawing the animals

  • Animal lover 567

  • Animal lover 567

    I can't wait to find out who the three winners are but I don't mind if i'm not chosen.

  • Animal lover 567

    Hi I have done my poster about a toucan and I hope I am one of the three winners because I like toucans and sloths.

  • time2act!

    So happy that so many people are getting involved! I had a nat geo subscription as a younger kid and really loved reading the newest issues! I am glad that everyone is starting to realise the importance of protecting wildlife and nature before it is too late. Recently in school, my main topic was rainforests, nature and deforestation. I really enjoyed that topic! It was very informative and interesting to learn about, but also a little emotional to be told about how much some of our species numbers have decreased rapidly over the past few years. Again, nat geo, you are awesome and thank you everybody who is participating!!!!

  • time2act!

    I have now completed my poster all about blue macaws. Cant wait!

  • time2act!

  • time2act!

    I haven't created my poster yet, but I will have it ready soon! I really love sloths and blue macaws, think I will do macaws.

  • Animal lover 567

    I hope I am one of the three winners because I love animals.

  • Maisie

    I love animals and I like toucans so I really hope I am one of the three winners.

  • SlothLover 123

    I love animals so I decided to enter this competition. I especially love sloths so I hope I'm one of the three winners!

  • I need this <3

  • MillieW

    soo cute

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