Have you ever spotted a red fox in your garden, or hanging around your local area? Well, in December 2022, a couple from Derbyshire, England saw something extraordinary – a fox with just two legs!

Phil and Jane Carter spotted the agile creature in their back garden. Check out the astonishing footage…

The fox was probably looking for food like worms or berries in the grass, using its brush (tail) to help balance on its two legs. Experts have never seen anything like it in the wild before!

TV wildlife expert Mike Dilger thinks the fox was born with only its front legs – so it’s likely had the disability all its life. As it looks healthy, the two-legged fox must have found ways to adapt, hopping around and foraging for food.

two-legged fox on a lawn
Phil and Jane have nicknamed the fox ‘Flexi’.

Since the film was taken, Phil and Jane haven’t seen the two-legged fox again. But Phil has put up some mounted cameras in the garden, so if it does come back, they’ll spot it!

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Spotted foxes in your garden?

two legged fox | a red fox stands on green grass, looking straight towards the camera with its amber eyes. Its ears are pricked up and its tail hangs low behind it.

Foxes might be adorable, but they’re wild animals. It’s best not to feed them, as their broad diet means they won’t be short of food. Also, it’s safer for them to not become too trusting of humans.

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If you see a fox in your garden or local area, don’t encourage it to come close to you. Keep a safe distance away and watch it quietly.

Pay attention – what does the fox look like? How are they behaving? What do you think they’re up to? The more time you spend observing, the more you’ll get to know these amazing animals!

What do you think of this fantastic two-legged fox? Tell us in the comments, below!




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  • Caleb, loves animals wants to help them so much!

    That is so cool!!!!!

  • Cloe-ella

    That is so cute. I bet it looks like a kangaroo when it runs.

  • Ilovegeckos

    Wow didn’t believe that when I saw it

  • Owen

    How does it balance like that?

  • Harvey

    This is a great article

  • T

    Wow! The fox must have adapted to living with 2 legs

  • actionboy

    the fox looks very cool!!!

  • Kimi

    The fox is cute and I hope it is okay

  • Faith

    So cute! Its amazing how it stands.

  • surfer 260

    It was spotted so near to where i live ! It's so cool !

  • Reuben

    It is really cool because I have never seen anything like that in my entire lifetime but if I saw one in my garden (or in real life) then it would be so cute. It would be like a pet hamster all squishy and cute and cuddly. It’s so adorable. Bye, thank you very much national geographic, bye love you and the magnificent magazines

  • Ruth

    So cool that he can walk on only two legs

  • Me

    Flexi- great name!

  • JB27

    That is so cool that a fox can have 2 legs.

  • Foxy

    i hope the fox is okay and living a long happy life!:))))))

  • Isla

    So cute! it’s magnificent, amazing! It’s incredible how it’s adapted

  • Maebh

    It’s so cool! When I first saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes!

  • I hope he lives a long life and stays okay out in the wild

  • Sonicsades

    Oh my gosh I wonder if I'll ever see a fox like that if I'm a animal rescuer when i grow up

  • Eloise

    well some people are born without limbs so why not a fox?

  • Davey Dan Reynolds

    It looks amazing. I Wonder how it Lost its leg maybe it has or a disability. it’s cool it balances with its tail.

  • Jj bee

    I think the fox is super cute! It’s amazing how wildlife adapts so easily!

  • Whitney

    I think it's really neat how this fox adapted to walk on two legs!

  • sam

    It is rare, cute and awesome to balance on two legs. Hope it will live a happy life:)

  • Freddie

    It’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen today!

  • Name

    It is awesome what nature can do!

  • Jessica Bush

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it! I observed the behaviour of the two-legged fox and I saw how it was using its tail to balance! I’m so astonished at the way it moves around! It moved like a bird!

  • Isabelle

    It's like it's doing a handstand. It's so clever!

  • Leonie

    That’s some good balance for a two - legged fox!

  • Bluepenguin011

    Wow!! That’s soo cool, never seen anything move that way!

  • Asher

    It’s incredible how it has adapted to living like that!

  • Catlotte

    I think it's amazing that the fox is coping so well!

  • Amy

    Poor fox

  • Annie

    Its really cute and special. I hope it is ok

  • Zoey

    it seems so unique and able to walk without falling over :)

  • Mr_moocow123

    Thats amazing!

  • Poppy

    wow so cool good on him for finding a new angle in life

  • Evie

    Omg I cant believe my eyes it’s very cute but I hope it’s ok

  • Poppy

    That is weird.

  • Mark

    Foxes+wolves RULE

  • akshaj

    its so cool it almost looks like a dinosaur and i love dinos

  • Frrdrvhfd

    Awesome Awesome

  • Theo

    That is super weird

  • Wierdo

    I love foxes

  • That’s cool I hope that fox is okay

  • Ellie, age 10

    I love this! I like how this is natural and it’s not our fault

  • Bayden

    its like doing a headstand

  • Asta and Evy

    we ADORE foxes their so cute but this one is the most cute it looks like a kangaroo

  • Anastasia

    its so interesting that the fox was waking on two legs.

  • Weird

  • Scarlett

    that's amazing

  • teddy


  • Ada

    So cute! I feel sorry for him, even though it’s really cool and unique at the same time to have only two legs

  • Kitkat

    JUST WOW !! I hope the fox is living a happy life even though the fox only has two legs

  • Saskia

    That's so amazing that it's walking like a person

  • Abigail

    I really like and car about animal, he is cute and at the same time weird I am so amazed!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maitiú

    Coolest thing ever

  • The fox is amazing and does not have two but it is still very strong.

  • Makayla

    I like foxes i have a big teddy it is amazing

  • Evie

    It must have very strong legs.

  • Evie

    So cute & adorable! But was it born with only two legs or did it lose them?

  • Heidi gazelle

    I thought it was an animation at first but then I realised It was actually a fox. wow!

  • Anna

    Poor fox l hope he’s okay

  • Katherine

    So unique and beautiful

  • Person

    It’s so cool

  • charlie

    that is amazing

  • Weird

  • I love foxes

  • Ava

    The fox seems very unique with it's two legs. I really hope it's ok:)

  • bentley123456789

    its cute

  • Joshyjoejoe

    Foxex need legs to walk and run and climb and jump

  • James

    It has a disability but also an ability!

  • Queen007

    I feel so sorry for it, hope it is ok

  • mikki

    its so special i love it

  • Madeleine

    I hope the little fox is ok , we sometimes see foxes in our garden

  • Will

    Whaaaaat? Is that!

  • FireCrunch70995

    Wow so surprising ! We have a lot of foxes in our neighbourhood but never seen something like that! So cute and rad!!!

  • Lucy.S

    it looks like its adapting very well but I still feel sorry for it

  • Very cute


  • Lorna

    I have never seen such an amazing thing and I don't know how he survives like that though I do feel sorry for him It is like he's hand standing

  • Ruby 5674

    That is so cool!

  • Ben


  • Izzy

    Its so weird and strange but cool at the same time

  • BuzzerGirl

    i hope its ok out there

  • Molly

    It is amazing that it is still walking and it balances with it's tail

  • Molly

    It's so Amazing That it has two legs and it's still walking

  • ben

    he is so adorable!

  • Arlo Kingston schapel

    That is amazing I would never even think that it would be possible really cool.

  • Finn

    It's more like kangaroo than a fox!!!!

  • AustinWilliamScott

    Wow! Cool! At least he seems to be able to get around ok

  • sienna koutoulas

    I feel so bad and hope that it gets better soon, I will be thinking of it!

  • Lucy

    The little fox is so cute i hope it lives a long and happy life!

  • Harry

    I feel bad for him

  • Harry

    I’ve never seen something so strange

  • Scarlett

    I hope it feels better soon.

  • NMS

    I feel so sorry for it it’s super cool though plus it’s so cute

  • Gursimran

    I hope it get's better soon poor little thing!!!!!!

  • Holly

    wow! I'm speachless

  • Eve

    So cute but really weird I felt sorry for it

  • Bryan

    Its Cool and weird at the same time.

  • Mila

    It is a miracle

  • evanna.melhem

    I feel so bad and hope that the adorable Fox gets better each and each second! You make my day but you'll be in my prayers tonight!

  • sienna.koutoulas

    I feel super bad for it and hope that it's ok!

  • Aiden

    Its so cool, I never thought it exists!

  • cool


  • Riley

    Sad,CRAZY & cute!!!

  • Aaron

    Wow! Did it jump

  • Ethan

    Bruh, that’s so weird and cool

  • Erica

    Wow that's cool

  • Charlotte

    poor thing

  • Liya

    I feel so bad for that fox.Please look after it

  • Lucy

    That is very interesting!

  • opaleyedragon64

    I loved this it is fascinating!

  • jpeasey9hre

    That is so crazy! I have seen this all over the news recently it's amazing how animals can survive without limbs!!

  • Josie


  • Jaime

    I’ve never seen something like that before,that is super cool

  • Xana

    I want to know how it lost two legs and I want to know how it got in the garden, does it have super powers?

  • Amelia

    It looks so weird

  • sorry for the fox

  • Kayla

    That’s super cool

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