taste altering gadget

Veggie loathers, listen up! 

Scientists have created a sweet solution for those of us who aren’t keen on eating our greens; a device that tricks our tastebuds into thinking we’re eating something else.

flavour faking device

The flavour-faking device could make even bland food taste delicious!

The sweet piece of tech, dubbed the ‘Taste Buddy’, works by heating up the ‘sweet channel’ in our tongue. When the channel is heated, it tells the brain that we’re tasting something sweet – thus hoodwinking our tastebuds!

The hope is that the tasty invention will help people to eat more healthily, while still enjoying the flavours of the foods they love. Just imagine, broccoli that tastes like brownies! 


Professor Adrian Cheok flavour faking device

Professor Adrian Cheok – the lead scientist on the project – and his family put the invention to the test!

It’s even thought that it could help developing countries that have limited access to sugar due to high costs and drought — now that’s what we call sweet science.

It could be 20 years before the gadget hits the high street, but you can test prototypes of the device for yourself at The Big Bang Fair 2017 on the 15-18 March in Birmingham — the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for kids who love learning, just like you! 

What food flavours would you like to change? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




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