Here at National Geographic Kids we know how much our readers love our wonderful planet! But are you doing your bit to help look after it? Check out these five super-simple environment-saving tips…

conservation tips

1. Avoid Palm Oil!
Love biscuits? You’re not the only one – Britain consumes a whopping 4.4 million biscuits every day! But while everyone is aware that biccies aren’t the healthiest of treats, what a lot of people don’t know is that biscuits can also be bad for the planet. That”s because most of them contain palm oil, and to make way for palm oil plantations, rainforests are being destroyed. In fact, palm oil production is one of the biggest reasons for deforestation around the world. As forests are torn up, the endangered species that live in them — like orang-utans, elephants and gorillas — suffer too.

What’s It In? Palm oil is not just found in biscuits — it’s also in thousands of other items, from sausage rolls and bread to make-up, soaps and even a new type of fuel.

What Can You Do? Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting a total biscuit boycott! Thankfully, more companies are using sustainable palm oil, which is grown in ways which doesn’t destroy rainforests and other vulnerable habitats. To find out which palm oil products have got the green go-ahead, and which to completely avoid, read the Ethical Consumer Guide.

conservation tips

2. Turn Off The Taps!
You wouldn’t flush the loo the whole time you were on it, would you?! But some folks leave the tap running while they’re cleaning their teeth – which could waste 35,000 litres of water per family per year. So remember to turn those taps off while you’re scrubbing your gnashers – because you’ll save water AND money. Bonus!

conservation tips

3. Be Switched On – Switch Off!
We’re sure you already turn the lights off when you leave a room. But have you noticed those other little lights that continue to glow in the dark? The tiny red or green ones on your TV, computer and stereo? Well, those “stand-by” lights show that energy is still being used. So switch off all your gadgets at the mains. It could cut electricity use in your home by up to 10%. Wow!

conservation tips

4. Don’t Be Car Crazy!
Sometimes car journeys are unavoidable, like when you’ve got a massive supermarket shop to do, or the whole family goes to visit Grandma. But are all of them really necessary? Walking, cycling and taking public transport are way better for the planet – especially when you think that a double-decker bus carries the same number of people as 20 cars!

conservation tips

5. Say “No” To Plastic Bags!
Did you know that a single plastic bag can take up to 500 years to fully disintegrate in landfill? And that around 1 trillion bags are used every year worldwide? Yikes! Next time you hit the shops, take a reusable canvas bag with you, instead. Simple!


Did you know that we have a FREE downloadable recycling primary resource? Great for teachers, homeschoolers and parents alike, find out why it’s so important to reduce, re-use and recycle!


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