Dedicate a tree with the Woodland Trust

This year, give Dad a gift with a difference – his very own tree that you can visit for years to come!

What do you normally give your dad on Father’s Day? Some socks? A mug perhaps? Chocolates or fancy shower gel?

These are all great gifts that dads love of course, but this year you could make dad’s day even more exciting by giving him his very own tree!

Imagine having a special place you and dad can visit together – deep in the woods where you can go bug hunting, make a den, have a picnic or play hide and seek.

Dedicate a tree with the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust lets you do just that – an awesome charity which looks after woods and trees, they own more than 1,000 free woods across the country. These include special areas of trees which you can have named after a person, known as “dedicating a tree.”

There’s only one dedication per tree – so it really will be something special just for you and dad. And although the trees aren”t marked (to keep them looking lovely and leafy!), you’ll receive a map showing you your dedicated area.

On your first visit you and dad can choose the tree with the knobbliest trunk, the prettiest leaves or the most climbable branches and claim it as your own!

Dedicate a tree with the Woodland Trust

Visit all year round and watch as your tree grows, bends and changes colour through the seasons. Best of all, just by dedicating a tree, you are doing something amazing for nature.

The woods support thousands of species – from bugs, birds and bats to blackberries, badgers and bluebells. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a great chance to spot some incredible nature on your visit!

Your gift includes a cool certificate with a message for dad, a map and a card you can present to him on the morning of Father’s Day. If you’ve left it too late they’ll even email him for you – phew!

Remember, gang, you’ll need to get your parent or guardian’s permission to dedicate a tree – make sure you discuss it with them first! For more info, check out

Father’s Day is on 20 June 2016 – what are you giving your dad? Let us know by leaving a comment, below.




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    That is cool

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  • Amelia Cychowska-

    I am giving my Dad a card and I am making him sausages and toast.

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    I am getting him a tree !

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    that sounds awesome

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    Im definitely going to do this for my dad

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