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by famous astronaut and author Chris Hadfield!

The Darkest Dark book
Based on the real-life experiences of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, The Darkest Dark tells the story of a boy who faces his fears… and eventually reaches the stars!

Young Chris loves space and dreams of exploring the wonders of the universe. But there’s a bit of a problem – he’s terrified of the dark! Who knows what scary aliens and creatures lurk in the shadows?

The Darkest Dark book
© Author photograph: NASA

Then in July 1969, Chris gets to watch the first Moon landing (known as the Apollo 11 mission) on TV,  and he realises that out in space it’s darker than ever. Yikes!

But he also learns a much more valuable lesson – that venturing into the darkness and discovering the unknown doesn’t have to be scary. It can be exciting, too! There’s only one thing for it… three, two, one, blast off!


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The Darkest Dark book


The Darkest Dark is available at all good bookshops and online, now!


The Darkest Dark book


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