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Join the Born Free team behind the scenes in this full-colour book series about amazing real-life animal rescues…

Every year, the Born Free Foundation helps hundreds of animals around the world. To celebrate Born Free’s Year of the Lion in 2016, the awesome animal charity is releasing fantastic new editions of their exciting animal rescue stories, packed with cool wildlife photos and animal facts to sink your teeth into.

Born Free Lion Rescue

Born Free book series

Born Free Lion Rescue tells the true stories of Bella and Simba, two lions who the charity rescued from appalling lives in captivity.

For many years Bella lived in a run-down zoo in Romania. Sadly, because she had been taken from her mother at a young age and had been fed a poor diet, Bella developed a weak spine and back legs.

Simba was born in a French zoo and was later bought by an animal trainer. Like Bella, for many years he lived in terrible, cramped conditions.

Luckily, Born Free came to the rescue, and Bella and Simba were brought together to live out their days in peace at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi, southern Africa.

Follow Simba’s journey in the video, below!

Check out our roar-some lion facts here, and below!

Born Free book series

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