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Read on to discover more about the Darkmouth series, packed with mighty monsters, beastly battles and side-splitting giggles…

Prepare for a gripping tale of mystery and monsters…

In the first book in this supernatural series, the town of Darkmouth comes under attack from Legends – terrifying, humaneating monsters. Their goal? To conquer the world! 

Thankfully, Finn, the last remaining Legend Hunter, is here to save the day. His family has protected Darkmouth for years, and now it’s his turn to step up and show these ghastly creatures what he’s made of! 

But there’s a slight problem… Finn is an awkward, clumsy 12-year-old, with no natural fighting skills whatsoever.

He will, however, try really, really hard – and that’s what it takes to defeat fierce, flesh-chomping monsters, right? Erm, we really hope so. Go, Finn! 

The action-packed adventure continues in the second and third books of this deadly Darkmouth series, Worlds Explode and Chaos Descends. What danger awaits our worrisome warrior when he crosses to the monsters’ own realm, known as the Infested Side? And can he work out why the people of Darkmouth keep disappearing before it’s too late?

You’ll have to read the books to find out!


Meet the monsters…

dartmouth book series

dartmouth book series


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