Are you a fan of the spellbinding Pongwiffy series? Well, now it’s time for even more magic and mayhem in Kaye Umansky’s latest book, Witch for a Week, illustrated by Ashley King. Check it out!

Witch for a Week competition


When Elsie Pickles offers to house-sit the mysterious home of local witch Magenta Sharp, she isn’t quite sure what she’s got herself into. But not to worry –  left with a talking raven and a scruffy dog for company, a magical tower that has a mind of its own and an instruction book called Everything You Need to Know, what could possibly go wrong? Hmmmm…a lot, actually!

Witch for a Week

With a host of weird and wonderful neighbours banging at the door, and a box of magical ingredients that must be used immediately, Elsie finds out that looking after Magenta’s home might not be so easy, after all. Does she have what it takes to be a witch for a week or will it all end in disaster?!

Meet the characters!

Allow us to introduce you to some of the quirky characters from this brilliant book…


Witch for a Week

Elsie Pickles: The book’s main character
Home: Lives with her family in the town of Smallbridge
Personality: Very sweet and a hard worker
Spends time: Helping in her parents’ shop, reading and baking



Witch for a Week

Magenta Sharp: The local witch
Home: An enchanted tower deep in Crookfinger Forest
Personality: Very impatient and ignores everyone (but more friendly than people think!)
Spends time: Running her business, Sharp Spells on Tap


Witch for a WeekCorbett: Magenta’s grumpy raven 
: Magenta’s magical tower
Personality: Very moody, stroppy and sarcastic
Spends time: Shouting insults at other birds



Witch for a Week

Nuisance: A scruffy stray dog that befriends Elsie
Home: Anywhere outside
Personality: Very friendly – but often gets in Elsie’s way
Spends time: Looking out for Elsie and eating sausages


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WIN! We have ten copies Witch for a Week up for grabs. Click here to enter the competition!


Available in all good book stores. For more about Witch for a Week – and to check out Kaye’s wonderfully witchy Pongwiffy series! – whizz over to

All illustrations ©Ashley King



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